Demi Moore Stuns, Joins Susan Sarandon in Similar Eyewear at Art Exhibit Ahead of 54th Birthday

Demi Moore Stuns, Joins Susan Sarandon in Similar Eyewear at Art Exhibit Ahead of 54th Birthday
(Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Demi Moore and Susan Sarandon clearly have similar taste when it comes to eyewear. The two were spotted at an art exhibit wearing similar frames. Although their choice of accessories may have been the same, the two showed up in very different outfits, with Sarandon in pants and a blazer and Moore in a dress covered with a mustard yellow blazer. With Demi Moor’s 54th birthday just around the corner—her birthday is November 11th—the actress continues to be an ageless beauty even in her 50s.

Demi Moore Beauty Secrets

It doesn’t take much for Moore to look her best; in fact, her makeup and skin care routines are quite minimal. With Moore’s skin being highly sensitive, she has to ensure the products that she does use are fragrance free, simple, and pure, or else her skin will look quite irritated.

The biggest beauty secret behind Moore’s youthfulness and glow is that she moisturizes constantly. She noted that the advice of moisturizing came from her mother, and she has since passed it down to her own daughters.

Whether she has been out late for an event or gala, Moore ensures that when she gets home she removes any makeup she has and takes the time to moisturize. As many of you may know, that isn’t always the easiest because often we get home late at night and are too tired to even use a makeup removing wipe. And yet, Moore makes it a priority to follow through with her makeup removal process in order to moisturize.

As simple as her skin care regime is, her makeup is even simpler. Moore has said that her go-to lipstick is a sheer burgundy color that works well with her lips natural hue. So rather than looking as if she has product on her lips, the sheer burgundy color looks natural and healthy, and offers Moore just the right amount of color without going overboard.

Aside from her simplistic beauty routine, Moore also dresses appropriately for her age but still manages to look young. You won’t often see Moore in super-tight body-revealing outfits, but rather beautiful and effortless dresses with pops of color in the right places to give Moore a more youthful appearance.

Lastly, her long black hair often has a natural curl to it, so it doesn’t look overworked.

Demi Moore is turning 54 in a few days and she has shown the world that age is merely a number. With proper attention to your skin, you too can obtain the youthful glow of Moore and look far younger than your age.



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