Disney Actress Bella Thorne & Sister Dani Attend AMA 2016, Duo Shines in Curly & Glitter Matching Hair Look

Disney Actress Bella Thorne & Sister Dani Attend AMA 2016, Duo Shines in Curly & Glitter Matching Hair Look
(Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

This past Sunday, the 2016 American Music Awards took place, and all the biggest stars in the entertainment industry came out to play in their outrageous and high fashion glory. As always, there were some looks that outshone others… literally. Take Disney actress Bella Thorne and her sister, Dani, for example. They sported the latest recent crazy hair transformations: bright red fire engine curly hair with green highlighter tips and glitter sprinkled all over.

Even though many fans saw these hair dos for the first time during AMA 2016, the award show’s red carpet was not where they originally unveiled these new hair looks. Earlier last week, both sisters took to social media to showcase their hot new rock star inspired hair dye jobs and matching septum piercings. Judging by the online reactions to Bella Thorne’s new look, it suffices to say that there were a lot of mixed reviews from fans. Some were disgusted by her new look at the AMA’s 2016, implying that she was trying to hard to imitate Miley Cyrus, while others complimented her stating that she looked amazing.

In addition to her brightly colored, long, and curly hair, Bella also rocked an all black leather ensemble complete with a jacket, embroidered capri pants, a bralette under the jacket, and crisscrossed chains. Some fans are not happy with this overall transformation in Bella’s appearance because they feel like it strays too far from her original look. Like most Disney child stars, Bella Thorne started off with a fan-pleasing and age appropriate wholesome look when she first hit it big. However, lately she has been breaking out of the Disney cookie-cutter mould and showing off a wilder, more rock ‘n’ roll inspired persona. Or, as it seems to be known in the entertainment industry, she is “growing up.”

Thorne’s Changing Looks

Bella Thorne is not the first Disney star to go through a similar rebellious change in her appearance, and she most likely will not be the last. The 19-year-old is most likely going through a phase where she wants to break away from that overtly wholesome and innocent image that Disney tries to enforce on most of its stars by going to the absolute opposite end of the spectrum.

Lately, the Thorne sisters have been frequently changing their looks so it would not be surprising if by this time next week, they posted more fun and spunky pictures of themselves sporting a different hair color. Both Bella and Dani have credited their off-the-handle looks to the team at Rona Color, particularly @josephmichalehair and @sweet_noswisher. Regardless of what you think of their new looks, there is no denying that the artistry behind these dye jobs is incredible, and these two hair colorists and stylists deserve all the praise. Bella and Dani Thorne are two beautiful young women and no matter what crazy colors they dye their hair, or what trends they choose to follow, nothing will change that fact.



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