Disney Actress Bella Thorne Switches up Her Hair Color Again after AMAs 2016

Disney Actress Bella Thorne Switches up Her Hair Color Again after AMAs 2016
Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff

Bella Thorne is not your regular teenage celebrity. Ever since her grand entry into Disney, the singer and actress has cherished her dream of stardom. Having said that, Bella Thorne is anything but subtle! The Disney actress is known for her vibrant dressing style, killer attitude and her drop-dead gorgeous hair which she is constantly experimenting with! Recently, she shocked everyone by dyeing her tresses in colorful shades—the most recent one a brick red with yellow tips! Bella Thorne is making her mark—be it her trendy hair color, her outfits at the AMA’s 2016 or her on-off relationship with Tyler Posey. The teenage beauty is definitely here to stay!

The Story behind the Mane

Celebrities are known for their looks, their aura and style and of course, their public appearances. While most Hollywood stars prefer to keep it subtle, Bella Thorne isn’t one of them! In fact, the Disney actress was never afraid to show her wild side—her hair being her best feature to showcase that. Bella Thorne was quite popular for her straight and shiny strawberry-blonde mane before she took a drastic and unexpected plunge a few weeks ago—she colored it magenta red! And no, it does not stop there. A deeper dig into the stars Instagram and Snapchat profiles revealed that her beautiful hair was now rust-red and yellow!

When your adult friends catch you doing adult things ✨ this is how stoked I am for #thanksgiving oh and thank you @carterjenkins for this photo of happiness

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The bright yellow at the tips of her hair looked just as gorgeous and had everyone dreaming about their next #hairgoals.

Bella Thorne’s Best Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are known for their picture-perfect skin, perfect hairstyle, the latest hairdo, and keeping in sync with the latest trends. However, there are only a few who spill the beans on their best kept secrets. Bella Thorne revealed hers to People in a recent interview:

  • Best known for her fabulous hairdos, the Scream star admitted being terrible at braiding and always resorting to a fuss-free blow-dry or simply going with her natural waves.
  • For her clear skin, the Disney actress swears by Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit followed by a good moisturizer with SPF.
  • Another trick to keep one from forgetting their night beauty regime is to put make up wipes underneath one’s pillow. When you lay down, you hear the crunchy noise of the tissues and remember to do your nightly quick-fix. The Disney actress credits her makeup artist, Amy Oresman, for this wonderful tip!
  • While choosing a fragrance, she always goes with the first pick. The Disney actress’ favorite perfumes are Candie’s, Princess by Vera Wang, and Wild Fox. She matches them according to her moods and could not pick a favorite!

What to Steal from Bella Thorne?

Everything! Right from her no-nonsense hair makeover to body tattoos, brow tattoos and piercings, Bella Thorne does not shy away from experimenting. Her whacky ideas for hair dye color and an equally glamorous haircut has made her a teen sensation! Thorne’s message to her fans is to show the world what you believe in and live life to the fullest! You go, girl!



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