Do You Need to Cover-Up?

Do You Need to Cover-Up?I always find a lot of women asking one question about foundation: “Do I have to wear it?” The answer is no, you don’t have to do anything. You should really only wear foundation if there is something on your skin that you’d like to cover up, like age spots or discoloration. Foundation is really a personal choice.

Cover-up products like foundation or powder are useful for evening out skin tone, covering dark spots, and hiding blemishes. When you use the right formula for your skin, it can create a virtually flawless complexion. Here’s my general rule for wearing foundation or powder: don’t use more than you need.

When it comes to what type to use, you’ve got a few options:

Liquid Foundation: This one is my personal favorite. Liquid foundation comes in a variety of different consistencies ranging from lightweight to heavy, depending on how much coverage you need. If you’ve got a lot of deep-set lines and wrinkles, I’d suggest using a primer before the liquid foundation to prevent it from setting into the folds and making wrinkles look worse.

Mineral Foundation: This type of foundation usually comes as a loose powder, which works best if you apply it using a short, dense makeup brush. It’s a relatively new player in the foundation game, but it’s great because it gives you a more natural finish. The best thing about it is that it lets you keep layering to get the coverage you want.

Pressed Powder: Pressed powder sort of falls between liquid and mineral foundation. It’s still a powder, but it goes on a bit heavier than loose powder. That also means it provides more coverage.

Cake Foundation: This is a very heavy type of foundation for complete coverage. It goes on thick and almost creates a layer on top of the skin’s surface, like a mask. I personally don’t recommend it for everyday wear—the heavy texture clogs pores, makes it hard for skin to breathe, and it doesn’t look natural. It’s an old formula (that’s why you might notice a lot of older women using it) but these days, it’s usually only used by makeup artists for film and television.

When it comes to foundation, my favorite has always been Chanel LIFT LUMIÈRE Firming and Smoothing Fluid Makeup. I love the way it feels on my skin, and I especially love how flawless it makes my complexion look. It’s also SPF 15 and comes in six shades, so it works with most skin tones.