Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie Take All-Natural, Makeup-Free Selfie

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie Take All-Natural, Makeup-Free Selfie
Credit: Chris Jackson / Staff

On a recent trip to Mexico that involved fitness training and a hike up a mountain, actress Drew Barrymore showcased herself as all natural and makeup free in an Instagram selfie. Moreover, she was joined by some other rather famous friends—fellow Charlie’s Angel star Cameron Diaz, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and former reality TV star/fashion designer, Nicole Richie—all joining in the photo opportunity and exposing their own make-up free faces to the Internet audience.

Since its appearance, many people have noted not only how great these ladies look without makeup, but also pondered what their beauty routines are. Now the secrets to many of their skin care tips and anti-aging are out.

Two-Thirds Angels

It’s hard to believe that the ladies of Charlie’s Angels are all over 40. Yet none of them, including co-star, Lucy Liu, hardly look it. Obviously, much of this is attributed to the actresses constant exercise and good diets, of which they continue to this day. But they have also gotten behind some particular beauty products that are on the market at this moment. Barrymore swears by Dickinson’s Witch Hazel wipes that she regularly applies to keep her skin clear. Witch Hazel wipes are fairly accessible too—she buys them right from her local pharmacy. She also avoids wearing makeup every day, all day and always makes the time for proper washing of her skin.

Cameron Diaz has examined aging closely, going so far as to question dermatologists about the aging process right down to the cellular level, to see what anti-aging methods are truly sound for one’s skin. Often disparaging techniques like Botox are a “temporary fix” as opposed to real, comprehensive skincare. Diaz uses the skin cream, Revive, with added collagen and vitamins to improve her skin’s rejuvenation. In fact, she is now involved with Revive as a partner in their skincare line to promote it to others—confident that their cream is the modern skin care product to use for the healthiest possible skin.

Other Beauty Ideas

Like Barrymore and Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow is also over 40 and hardly looks a day of it. Paltrow is no stranger to healthy living ideas, be it for beauty or dietary products that she’s been involved with over the last two decades. She’s authored cookbooks and endorsed product lines that use all-natural non-toxic ingredients. More recently, she got behind the Goop skincare product line—an all-organic beauty product line that includes melting cleansers, enriching face oil and even an eye cream.

For Paltrow, her favorite product of the Goop line is the instant facial that she uses nightly. As a seasoned actress, her face gets regularly treated with a variety of makeups for her roles, and her own makeup artists endorses the good instant facial as the best replenishing night cream for anyone to use.  She has even been involved with the creation of several of Goop’s products thanks to her association with organic skin care product line, Juice Beauty.



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