Elizabeth Hurley, “The Royals” Star Looks Ageless at 51, Shares Flawless Bikini Snap on Instagram

Elizabeth Hurley, “The Royals” Star Looks Ageless at 51, Shares Flawless Bikini Snap on Instagram
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

The Royals star Elizabeth Hurley revealed a sexy bikini snap on Instagram recently while vacationing in the Maldives. If you’re wondering what Elizabeth Hurley’s age is, the ageless beauty is 51 years old—but frankly, doesn’t look a day over 25.

So how exactly does Hurley remain so ageless? Well, the British beauty works closely with Estee Lauder, which definitely helps with her flawless complexion.

Hurley’s Favorite Products

Hurley’s favorite Estee Lauder product is the Advanced Night Repair. The creators behind the product first told Hurley that once she started using the product, she could never stop—so she hasn’t, and so that creates her flawless complexion. In fact, looking at pictures of Hurley from today and 21 years ago, she still looks the same!

Hurley admitted that using the Advanced Night Repair cream is the secret to keeping her skin look young, fresh, and dewy. She suggests that it offers plenty of hydration and is particularly good for those with dry skin.

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Other products from the Estee Lauder line that Hurley loves includes Creme de la Mer’s Facial Spray, which she sprays on her face when she feels her skin is particularly dry.

Hurley also teamed up with Estee Lauder for a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. They developed specialty products to raise awareness about breast cancer along with funds for breast cancer research. Hurley admitted that her favorite makeup product from the collection was the lipstick named after her—Pink Innocence Lip Gloss.

As for her best beauty advice, the mother of son Damien suggests that her grandmother told her that fresh air is imperative to good-looking skin. She noted that she never sleeps with the heat on in her room, and will always keep a window slightly open to let in more fresh air, even if it is snowing outside.

To keep herself looking fit and fabulous, Hurley walks every day with her dogs and will force herself to run even if she doesn’t enjoy it much. She has admitted that she has difficulty staying still and so she is quite active throughout the day. Even when waiting for her bath, Hurley has been known to complete ab exercises and even work on her tush.

As for her lean and strong arms, Hurley lugs around grocery and shopping bags, even if she has to take them up flights of stairs. She says that she inadvertently weight lifts by doing this along with carrying luggage.

Elizabeth Hurley’s beauty secrets aren’t that complicating, and yet her simply healthy practices and attention to moisturizing her skin keeps her looking young and fresh.



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