Elle and Dakota Fanning Share Makeup Artist for Red Carpet Looks

Elle Fanning,Dakota Fanning
Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer/ Getty

Sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning’s makeup artist has revealed secrets behind the actresses’ red carpet looks. Erin Ayanian Monroe is responsible for making the girls look beautiful when they step out for Hollywood events.

Monroe unveiled Elle’s make-up look for a beauty shoot for The Hollywood Reporter where the actress showed off bold eyeshadows, a soft lip, and flawless porcelain-looking skin in one Instagram post.

And in another, Monroe posted an image of Dakota wearing Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lengths mascara with Sisley Nutritive lip balm in a soft pale pink color.

Monroe explained to The Hollywood Reporter how lucky she feels to be working with both sisters and how she goes about completing their red carpet looks. She said, “With red carpet looks the goal is beauty, fun and creativity. When I use the glitter on Elle, the trick is to first lay down something for it to cling to like NYX Glitter Primer. After I apply the glitter, any stray pieces are cleaned up with scotch tape.”

“Elle has a really free adventurous spirit when it comes to her make-up, so we have a great time coming up with an unexpected look. We have compatible creative sensibilities,” she added.

The Fanning sisters have a way of going from cool-and-chic to over-the-top dramatic when it comes to their makeup choices. When it comes to matching their makeup looks to their fashion choices, Monroe had this to say, “Every look starts with what their stylist, Samantha McMillen, has sourced for them to wear so I know what color palette to play off. We’ll discuss different ideas and once we’re on the same page they just let me do what I do!”

For Elle’s recent makeup looks for the film The Neon Demon, Monroe gathered inspiration from “1970s photography of Guy Bourdin and Chris von Wangenheim, 1930s Nazi-suppressed artist Hans Bellmer, and the cartoon Ren and Stimpy,” she explained.

When it comes to the Fannings’ beauty secrets, Monroe shared that both sisters prefer a natural face, so she will often skip applying foundation and just use some concealer instead, if necessary.

As for their everyday looks, Monroe says that Dakota generally likes to be more classic, where Elle is more outgoing; but both ladies will try just about anything at least once.

There’s no doubt that both sisters have amazing skin, and Monroe says they really just have naturally great skin. But another secret to making their skin look flawless is that Monroe doesn’t cover-up the girls’ natural beauty and uses highlighters to simply accentuate what the girls already have. Lastly, she does suggest that the sisters use products from Dr. Lancer, which also helps care for their skin.

Dakota and Elle Fanning share an amazing and ever-so-talented makeup artist who manages to highlight the sister’s natural beauty while also trying fun and dramatic looks. From everyday looks to movie roles, Erin Ayanian Monroe knows exactly what to do to make these girls shine.

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