Elle Fanning, Dakota’s Sister, Shares Eye Shadow Makeup & Gucci Look for THR’s Beauty 2016 Issue

Elle Fanning, Dakota’s Sister, Shares Eye Shadow Makeup & Gucci Look for THR’s Beauty 2016 Issue
Credit: Clemens Bilan / Stringer / Getty

Dakota Fanning’s younger sister, Elle Fanning, is making huge waves of her own in Hollywood lately. Having starred in big blockbuster hits like Maleficent, Super 8, and just recently, she played the lead role in a critically acclaimed film The Neon Demon. In fact, it seems like her character in the movie, Jesse, has begun to influence Elle’s personal fashion and makeup look. The 18-year-old actor attended the premiere of the movie looking almost identical to her character, with beautiful glittery eye shadow and makeup, a look she says she had never considered before.

Elle has stated that her daily makeup and fashion routine is fairly simple and ordinary; that is why it’s no wonder that every time there is a special red carpet or Hollywood event, she always seems to go all out. She even got all glammed up for THR’s Beauty 2016 issue, and posted pictures of her awesome blue and red eye shadow on Instagram alongside her good friend and makeup artist, Erin Ayanian Monroe. Erin even posted a single photo of Elle on her own Instagram account, showcasing her gorgeous Gucci look—Elle sported the eye shadow makeup look that Erin herself created, as well as an spectacularly embroidered and detailed Gucci dress.

Fans on Elle’s Instagram were absolutely gushing over the whole look, many of them complimenting the young starlet for her incredible natural beauty and even commending Erin for her incredible artistry with her makeup look.

Elle Fanning Is a Rising Star

Over the years, Elle has been compared to her older sister, Dakota, but it is clear to see that she has a natural talent for acting and a unique beauty that is all her own. It is hard to believe that Elle just graduated from high school this year, because she already seems wiser and worldlier than most of the young people her age—she’s just getting started. The Hollywood Reporter even did a feature article on Elle Fanning for their November 2016 issue, to discuss Elle’s gorgeous new self-proclaimed signature glittery eye shadow makeup look, and to praise her for her amazing acting chops and ability to choose roles that she is perfectly suited for. Obviously, Elle does not take herself too seriously, because she knows how to have fun; however, she does take her career seriously, because when it comes to picking meaningful and in-depth projects, she has done quite well for herself. It is hard to say whether she is as naïve as her character Jesse in The Neon Demon, and has simply surrounded herself with smart people who have been helping her further her career, or if she has blossomed into a business savvy actor throughout the years; either way, she has been doing something right, and we certainly hope she continues down the path of success!



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