Ellen Pompeo’s 47th Birthday! Meredith Grey’s Graceful Transition over 12 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo's 47th Birthday! Meredith Grey's Graceful Transition over 12 Seasons of Grey's Anatomy
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Today isn’t just November 10th—it’s also the 47th birthday of Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo! For the last 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, we’ve seen both Meredith Grey and Pompeo grow, transitioning gracefully long before the show’s 13th season launched.

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 has been doing well so far, but it seems like just yesterday we saw Pompeo’s messy, albeit capable protagonist navigate the halls of Seattle Grace (now called Grey Sloane Memorial). From endless body counts, never-ending half-sisters, hook-ups, and surgeries, Pompeo has always looked her best and tells Into the Gloss how she does it.

Ellen Pompeo’s No Makeup Look

“Because I play a doctor on TV, I don’t like the look of makeup—I think it looks ridiculous on screen,” Pompeo said. “Not that doctors can’t wear makeup, but I just feel like it takes away from the acting and the character if I have makeup on. I just feel like I look like an actor playing dress-up, so I try to keep it as authentic as possible.”

Sadly, Pompeo has to wear makeup for work now that TV cameras are too sharp, but she would rather wear as little as possible and focus on the work.

“I never wear makeup. I get my makeup done at work, but when I’m not working I never wear makeup, unless I have to go out,” she shared with the beauty website. “If I go out, I’ll maybe do a pop of a lip, or I just do a smoky black eye and little Physicians Formula Mascara because it’s organic. If I’m going to do a lip, it’s always Tom Ford. I love the Violet Fatale Lip Color. I don’t attempt blush or eyeshadow or any of that.”

Ellen Pompeo’s Beauty Tips

Pompeo says she doesn’t trust the ingredients in most shampoos, and because she works closely with Jessica Capshaw, whose husband helped co-found  The Honest Company alongside Jessica Alba, the two often have discussions about using organic products. And Pompeo is a big fan of them all!

Ellen Pompeo’s Face Changes

“I don’t have Botox, I don’t have fillers, I don’t have anything, so you know, I really have to eat well and exercise and do everything, because I don’t want to put stuff in my face. I have done Botox before, and I can see why you’d get addicted to it.”

Pompeo used to break out from makeup and then would have to have facials to clear her skin. Now she uses SK-II LXP Revival Essence on her face while she steams every morning.


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