Elsa Hosk Talks on Victoria’s Secret 2016 Pre-Show Preparation for Paris Fashion Show Runway Walk

Elsa Hosk Talks on Victoria's Secret 2016 Pre-Show Preparation for Paris Fashion Show Runway Walk
Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff

With the countdown to the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on the way, many fashion fans are looking to see which models are attending and what they are doing to get ready. Take for example Swedish model, Elsa Mosk. While she’s attended before, her presence at both the Paris Fashion Show runway walk and even the 2016 Victoria’s Secret preparation show aren’t going unnoticed.

Many are fascinated about her beauty secrets and how she’s adorning herself for the 2016 show. Elsa Hosk’s beauty routine is one that’s been developed over time, combined with her fun experiments and industry advice.

Backstage to Mainstage

If you’ve seen Hosk’s Instagram feed, you’ll note she’s a regular user of social media, posting photos of some of the results her beauty experiments. This has helped develop her style. When it comes to professional engagements, her beauty routine is her own and specific, even with the help of some seasoned professionals, from her hair on down.

Elsa Hosk’s hair color is one that she admits to needing some help with. While other models swear how much work they put into their hair, she attributes her distinguished blonde locks to a knowledgeable stylist. In her case, it’s Lena Ott, an industry whiz on hair color and highlights.

She claims she often struggles in heat. To combat it, she uses her favorite fragrance, Victoria’s Secret Crush, with its cedar wood, peony, magnolia and cardamon ingredients. She’s even conscientious to where and how much perfume to apply given the situation she’s in: on the wrist for social encounters and around the neck for more romantic ones!

Around the Eyes

In juxtaposition to her hair, Elsa Hosk’s makeup is something she’s developed almost completely on her own. Many people have noticed how distinct her eyes are and this is in part to the eyeliner she regularly wears. Her favorite eyeliner is Tattoo Liner by famed tattoo artist, Kat Von D, which she applies herself. She always enjoys indulging in different lashes and applying her eye makeup thick—something she learned from makeup artists on her various shoot locations.

Many critics have jeered at Elsa Hosk’s use of heavy eyeliner but she is steadfast in her individual style, which she’s attributed to her success in the modeling field. She’s often had to overcome her own self-anxiety and suggests to other models to “ … [not] change themselves, and not be someone they’re not.”



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