Emily Ratajkowski Looks Christmas Ready Wearing a Santa Hat in Her Insta Post for Depop

Emily Ratajkowski
Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty

A few days ago, Emily Ratajkowski posted an ultra cheeky and cutesy picture on Instagram of herself wearing a Santa hat in front of a huge Christmas tree. The photo was a promo for her Depop account, where the famous model is selling some of her gently used items.

Her fans would be happy to know that the Blurred Lines model and actress is selling her personally used items for very low prices. These include hippie-inspired glasses, a smoking red jumper, and a beautiful pair of Tom Ford black pumps with a bow detailing on the front.

Anyone who purchases these items would be very lucky because they can recreate the fashion stylings of Emily Ratajkowski for a very low price. It has yet to be determined whether or not the now famous Santa hat was on sale, or if she was just having fun with it for the sake of the picture. From the looks of it, it seems that Ratajkowski was attending a very casual yet fun Christmas party, and she was just goofing around with the Santa hat. She left that part up to the imagination of her fans. Either way, she seems like a very fun and down to earth person to hang out with.

Beauty and brains are the two pillars of what every famous role model should be, and Ratajkowski has both of those things in spades. She loves to read and learn new things, and she also enjoys taking care of her body with an simple beauty routine.

Playing Santa today on @depop ?? tons of my items on sale now ?Download & find me @emrata ?

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Emily Ratajkowski on Her Beauty Routine

The model and actress does not seem to be loyal to any one brand in particular. Emily Ratajkowski has a very effortless beauty routine that simply involves washing her face and moisturizing. Her face wash ranges from Kiehl’s Calendula Foaming Face Wash to just plain water. In terms of moisturizers, she has used By Terry Cellularose Baume d’Eau or even Neutrogena moisturizer that she bought from the drugstore. Ratajkowki does not seem to be picky or preferential when it comes to the facial cleansing products she uses, and her attitude towards makeup and her hairstyles is also very blasé.

Her go-to makeup look consists of mixing a little bit of matte lipstick with some blush, and then adding some mascara. She is not a huge fan of contouring because her features are already naturally well-defined without it—she says she does not even own any eye shadow. Her main concern is her eyebrows. She likes to make sure that her eyebrows are always perfectly shaped and brushed up so that they look nice and thick. Other than that, she does not need much eye makeup, which is not surprising because she is brimming with natural beauty!

What is surprising is that Emily Ratajkowski does not go to the gym to get the body that she has. In fact, her diet and exercise routine is very minimal, if she even exercises at all. It mainly consists of hiking and doing yoga a few times a week. As for her diet, she eats pretty much whatever she wants and says she will very rarely be caught eating a salad.


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