Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling: Best Dressed Couple at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 Red Carpet?

Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone
Credit: Emma McIntyre / Stringer / Getty

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, La La Land stars, may very well be the best dressed couple on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2016. Although in real life Gosling and Stone are A-list celebrities, they play starving artists struggling to land their big break in the film. This isn’t the first time Gosling has appeared in one of Emma Stone’s movies; the two have worked together before in Gangster Squad and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Clearly they have great chemistry and work very well together.

Emma Stone’s Fashion Style

Stone is a widely successful actress, and that’s quite the achievement for only being in her 20’s. She has shown us that she is versatile not only in the roles she plays, but also with her beauty and makeup looks, too.

When it comes to fashion and Stone’s style, the actress has yet to miss the mark – you won’t see her on the worst dressed list, that’s for sure. When she steps out on the red carpet she always looks flawless and well put-together. Her red carpet looks always complement her figure, along with her red (or sometimes blonde!) hair, and she always hits the mark with whatever she chooses to wear.

Throughout her style evolution, Stone has played with different textures, hemlines, and fits; and yet, she has never managed to get it wrong. Whether she is rocking a French-inspired ensemble or channeling some ‘90s retro apparel, Stone has solidified her place in the fashion world.

Ryan Gosling’s Style Profile

The hunky Gosling always shows up ready for the party. In tailored suits or a casual T-shirt under a blazer, Gosling’s style is polished, yet young; and he always knows how to dress for the occasion.

Gosling often shows up in a suit and tie, but he definitely knows how to accessorize. Whether he is wearing velvety shoes or a bold-colored sock, Gosling always adds the right amount to flair to any outfit he wears.

Furthermore, Gosling isn’t afraid of color. Although a traditional black suit never goes out of style, Gosling likes to experiment and has been pictured in brown, blue, and even velvet suits as well.

When he’s not on the red carpet, his casual style is still very chic. He’s known to rock a bomber jacket on his off-days, along with graphic T-shirts. For a simple look, Gosling with roll up the sleeves of his dress shirt and have it neatly tucked into his pants to show off his belt.

Speaking of sleeves, this is another signature look for Gosling. For simple elegance, Gosling will often dress-down a dress shirt by rolling up the sleeves, which creates a polished semi-casual look.

Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have made their way up on the fashion ranks and continue to look amazing each time they step out in the public eye. We are interested to see what the pull out for the Critics’ Choice Awards 2016, airing December 11, 2016.


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