Emma Stone Street Style: La La Land Actress Looks Forward to Flaunting Look at CCA Awards

Emma Stone Street Style: La La Land Actress Looks Forward to Flaunting Look at CCA Awards
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Since her career began a few years ago, Emma Stone has been all over the place. She has hosted Saturday Night Live a few times between shooting movies on location in places like Hawaii, Los Angeles and other cities.

Lately, she has been spotted gallivanting all around New York, showing off her awesome seasonal street style. From pretty summery dresses to fall attire, the 28-year-old actress can pull off pretty much any look with abandon.

She has been very active in her career, and she is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. Currently, she is starring as the lead roles of Sally Bowles in the most recent Broadway revival of Cabaret. Between rehearsals and performances, Stone has been spotted all over the colorful city, a few times with boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Emma Stone’s Street Style

Her outfits tend to range in style and functionality depending on the weather and the season, but she has been seen sporting all kinds of high-end yet casual denim, stylish jackets, and upscale but practical leather backpacks. Her everyday sense of fashion and style may be casual, but when it comes to her eminent red carpet looks, Emma Stone knows how to step it up.

La La Land Success

While Emma Stone’s movies have not always been met with kind appraisals—there was a great deal of controversy surrounding her role in Aloha—there is a great deal of excitement surrounding her latest movie La La Land, which also stars Ryan Gosling. The two seem to be like a modern day Fred and Ginger with all of the success they have shared starring in movies together, and the upcoming 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards look very promising for the two young stars. The film has earned Emma Stone a Best Actress nomination and Ryan Gosling has been nominated as Best Actor among numerous other prestigious nominations.

In fact, this year’s CCAs should prove to be a very prolific event for movies of all genres, and we cannot wait to see who will be victorious as there are so many deserving films and artists in the running. Aside from the movies, however, there is also the fashion and style portion of the program that will draw in a large number of viewers. Many people will tune in on Dec. 11 to see what all the stars are wearing and whether they can imitate those coveted looks at home.

Emma Stone’s Hair Looks

One thing that people are interested in is seeing how Emma Stone will wear her hair. In the past, she has had a variety of hairstyles ranging from short hair to long hair to bangs. She has been blond, brunette and a redhead time and time again. Aside from her tremendous acting and musical chops, Stone’s bold and unabashed fashion sense is a part of her appeal and her charm. She can go from everyday informal outfits to red carpet ready looks almost seamlessly and in a short period of time. Whatever she wears, she will look amazing because she always does.


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