Emma Stone’s Pixie Cut for Vogue: ‘La La Land’ Star Rocks November 2016 Issue

Emma Stone’s Pixie Cut for Vogue ‘La La Land’ Star Rocks November 2016 Issue
Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Staff

Ever since she made her feature film debut in the 2007 comedy Superbad, Emma Stone has been an unstoppable force of nature in Hollywood to the point that it is almost impossible to dislike her. Even when she makes somewhat questionable career decisions, like playing the role of an Asian-American air force pilot in ‘Aloha,’ her fans know that she can always bounce back from the media backlash. Hence why she is able to not only pull off but also show off her adorable charm by gracing the cover of the November 2016 issue of Vogue magazine with a new pixie cut along with a navy blue and white striped Michael Kors crop top sweater.

The purpose of the Vogue cover may have been to promote Emma Stone’s upcoming feature film La La Land, but it is obvious that the real star of the show is her new haircut, which has already been praised by fans on Instagram:

New Emma @voguemagazine photoshoot ❤️

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Of course, not everyone has been so kind with their remarks. Some fans have disparaged the 27-year-old star’s new hairstyle on social media, lamenting the fact that she has decided to cut off her luscious locks and opt for short hair instead. But there is a lot of decision making that goes into making such a drastic change to one’s appearance, especially when you are a famous Hollywood actress like Emma Stone.

Surely she is not naïve enough to think that this decision would not be met with intense scrutiny both from style critics and her fans alike, yet she went ahead and did it anyway. In her own right, Emma Stone is very courageous for cutting off most of her hair for and then appearing on the Vogue cover knowing full well that everything she does is publicly criticized.

While the Pixie cut is a classic Hollywood hairstyle most notably made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s and 60s, it cannot be pulled off by everyone—which is probably why so many young starlets are often advised against doing it. But Stone has become somewhat notorious for taking risks, both in her career and in terms of her appearance. There is no reason why this photo shoot should be any different.

After all, La La Land is somewhat of a period piece in the sense that even though it takes place in modern day Los Angeles, it also pays homage to Old or Classic Hollywood nuances. What better way to honor that theme than to revisit beloved Old Hollywood hairstyles and make them your own?

One thing is for sure: Whether you love or hate Emma Stone’s new hair cut, she should be commended for taking this classic hairstyle and putting a fresh new spin on it. True to form, Emma Stone has once again showed the film industry and her fans that she is not afraid to take risks and go against the grain.