Eva Longoria, “Jane the Virgin” Director, Stuns at Girls Night Out Party In Epic ‘70s Style Makeup Look

Eva Longoria, “Jane the Virgin” Director, Stuns at Girls Night Out Party In Epic ‘70s Style Makeup Look
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Eva Longoria, Jane the Virgin’s director, stunned at a girls night out party, wearing a ‘70s style makeup look.

‘70s Style Makeup Look

When you think “Eva Longoria makeup” you don’t normally think of a blast from the past, inspired by ‘70s makeup looks, but Longoria made it work.

Longoria went out with friends to celebrate her friend Alina’s birthday with a 1970s- themed party in Hollywood. That, of course, explains the ‘70s eye makeup, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Longoria did it on her own time. The Jane the Virgin director and Desperate Housewives alum has been known to possess many beauty secrets. And instead of hoarding those beauty secrets, she shows them off her social media accounts.

About last night…. #Alinas40th #70sParty

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It seemed that Longoria and her friends had disco fever, dressed in bell-bottoms and stylish blouses, with the long curly hair to match.

Longoria’s Beauty Secrets and Tips

The L’Oreal Paris ambassador always has flawless skin, but you’ll be surprised to know that Longoria was taking care of her skin long before she was able to borrow her mother’s makeup.

“Genetics. My dad has amazing skin. I’m also a big facial person. I do peels, and I’m really into serums right now. I like how they absorb into skin,” said Longoria in an interview with Latina magazine.

As much as Longoria has become a professional at giving beauty tips, there’s still one that even she would give her younger self, pre-makeup guru.

“Easy with the Aqua Net! And I’d say don’t follow fads, especially ones that are bad for your hair or don’t suit you,” said Longoria, in her Latina interview. “When I was younger I was like ‘Everyone’s getting the perm, everyone’s adding streaks! I have to do it’! Just be yourself.”

And of course, Longoria told Latina magazine all about her number one fashion tip.

“Alter everything. People won’t buy something in a store because it doesn’t fit right. Well, nothing fits! When you buy off the rack, it’s not for everyone’s body. Plus, I’m short so I alter everything — even my t-shirts. If your dry cleaner has tailoring, spend the extra $5 and customize your wardrobe. It makes a huge difference.”

Wise words to live by—we’ve all been there at some point in our lives, when it comes to off the rack.

How to Do ‘70s Makeup

Achieving the best ‘70s makeup is all about the color palette, eyebrows, and the hair. Whether the hair is feathered, wedged, shaggy, or an afro—the hair help complete that Saturday Night Fever look you’ve been dying to try.

When it comes to the ‘70s makeup: less is more. That was the rule back in the disco era—a rule that still applies today. With countless ‘70s makeup tutorials and ‘70s makeup ideas, you should have no problem getting the look you need. Whether it’s liquid eye shadows, smoky eyes, or gloss, you’ll fit right in.



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