Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham Stun at the Global Gift Gala Night, Co-Host’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

Eva Longoria & Victoria Beckham Stun at the Global Gift Gala Night, Co-Host’s Beauty Secrets Revealed
(Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria and and David Beckham’s wife Victoria Beckham were co-hosts at the Global Gift Gala in London on Saturday night. And in case you were wondering, Victoria has beauty secrets to share!

Longoria wore a plunging black gown and smoky eye make-up, complete with brown smoky eye-shadow and nude lipstick and wore her hair down at the star-studded charity event.

Victoria was a little more casual, wearing her favorite tailored black pants along with a cutout black, sleeveless top and short brown hair, worn in a bob.

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Longoria and Victoria posed with their celebrity friends, including Victoria’s husband David, at the Corinthia Hotel in London. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and wife Tana Ramsay were also in attendance for the fundraiser.

Both celebrity co-hosts delivered speeches and took to Snapchat to express how proud they were of each other. They also used the app’s filter to put crowns of flowers on their heads and doe ears and noses. Longoria has been good friends with the Beckhams since 2007, when they moved to Los Angeles.

The event’s proceeds benefit The Global Gift Foundation, a philanthropic non-profit organization that looks to create a positive impression on the lives of children, women, and families who are in need.

According to Daily Mail, money was also set to go to The Eva Longoria Baston Foundation, which focuses on women’s education and entrepreneurship, and UNAIDS. Longoria was busy promoting the event in London days before it began while making TV appearances.

Eva Longoria, the Makeup Artist

Actress and philanthropist Longoria is known for her love of makeup and is no stranger to sharing it on social media with her devoted fans. If you’re looking to look like Longoria and make the streets your very own red carpet, then luckily for you, Longoria is always in a sharing mood. Through a series of short reels on Instagram, the L’Oréal ambassador goes from fresh-faced to full-on bombshell, using her L’Oréal eye liner.

Longoria is always vocal about her makeup tips and enjoys showing her fans how she does it. You may not need a team of makeup professionals, after all.

Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Makeup

Victoria is a mother, wife, designer, and singer—which makes for a lengthy resume. Before she became one-fifth of one of the biggest pop groups in the world, she was just a little girl obsessed with makeup and fashion. Whether her eye shadows are shimmering black or it’s her favorite lipstick that she hoarded from when she was 18 years old, Victoria likes to keep it simple but with just enough flare. Estee Lauder is the best way to get the Victoria Beckham look.


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