Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Defies Aging on her 35th Birthday

Evanescence Singer Amy Lee Defies Aging on her 35th Birthday
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images)

Cofounder and lead vocalist of the Grammy award-winning band Evanescence, Amy Lee, seems to defy aging as her 35th birthday approaches tomorrow, December 13th, and she looks so young! The classically trained pianist, known for her beautifully haunting, mezzo-soprano voice, has a recognizable fashion style marked by her gothic makeup and Victorian style clothing. During her Evanescence tours, Lee designed much of her own clothes, as she likes to preserve the atmosphere of the songs and complete the image with her style, creating an all around encompassing artistic endeavour. Frustrated by not being able to find the style she wanted for her on stage clothing, Lee started designing her own costumes, which quickly become a focus of the concerts.

It is easy to see why Amy Lee is a walking fashion statement, as she was one of the first Victorian goths to go mainstream. Some of her favorite items are corsets, long skirts, and knee high boots. Lee’s style evolution over the years of being onstage has stayed true to the Victorian look, but her off-duty looks have changed drastically since having her child in 2014. Lee had been known to wear corsets and high lace-up boots in public to avoid diluting the band’s public image. She is now more comfortable with her own off-duty style, as she frequently posts Instagram photos of herself wearing tank tops and jeans, or comfortable dresses—she looks younger and more fresh faced.

Amy Lee recently sat down with Kerrang! Magazine to discuss her new low-maintenance beauty tips that keep her looking young. She explained that it can sometimes be difficult to fit a rigorous style regime into her schedule, so she believes in no-fuss techniques when it comes to her beauty routine. “Baby wipes – for those times when you just can’t take a shower,” she said during the interview. “You have to be prepared for any situation, where you can’t take a shower and you have to look awesome for some photo shoot that you didn’t know was happening until 10 minutes before.” Her onstage look is very different than her street look, as she spends most of her time running after her lively two-year-old son.

Also known for her ever changing hairstyles, Lee styles her hair in gothic-inspired silhouettes, or lets it hang loose down her back in slight waves. When it comes to hair care, the singer goes for an easy look, wearing it straight down or piling it up in a high knot. She doesn’t fuss with many hair products, but does dye her hair a darker brown, almost back from her naturally lighter brown hair.

Get Amy Lee’s On-Stage Makeup Look!

So, how can you recreate the onstage Amy Lee makeup look? Firstly, you will need a pale complexion. If you don’t have naturally light skin, you will need to lighten it using a light foundation, but don’t go more then one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Apply a concealer to get rid of any spots or dark circles under the eyes. Next, add a pink blush, making sure to blend well into the hallows of your cheeks. Apply a heavy black liquid eyeliner along the bottom of your eyes, then the top, finishing it with a very slight flick at the outer corner. Apply some dark black eyeshadow to the upper lids, from the lashes to the crease, add a heavy coat of black volumizing mascara, and there you have the makeup tips to create Amy Lee gothic inspired smoky eyes.

Amy Lee’s latest release is a family album with original music for kids. You can pick up your copy of Dream Too Much exclusively through Amazon Prime Music.



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