Exercise App Reduces Incontinence in Middle-Aged Women, Improves Quality of Life

Middle-Aged Women

Some middle-aged women experience urinary leakage while performing daily functions like coughing or jumping. Thanks to the exercise app Tät®, the quality of life for middle-aged women can be significantly improved. The app is an effective first-line treatment for females with stress-induced urinary incontinence.

The Study

The study was done for the eContinence project (or Tät.nu) at the Umeå University. The objective of eContinence is to develop, evaluate, and implement eTreatments for urinary incontinence. The same team developed the Tät® app, which works in conjunction with a self-administered treatment for a period of three months. The app offers information about incontinence to educate women, and offers lifestyle advice, pelvic floor exercises, statistics, and reminders. The study examined 123 participating women with the median age of 44.7.

The Findings

The women who used the app self-reported notable changes in their lifestyle based on how the app improved their symptoms, quality of life, number of leakages, and use of incontinence pads. The majority experienced a significant decrease in the frequency of urinary leakage. The number of leakages reduced from an average of three times daily to only once a day.

Eva Samuelsson, associate professor at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, was in charge of the project. She believes that “Self-managed exercises also seem to be an appreciated form of treatment.” For this reason, the team decided to make the app available for free.

The results were published in the journal Neurourology and Urodynamics. Long-term results of the study, including economic calculations and implementation data from the project, will be available next year.

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