Face Masks for Christmas Eve 2016: Use These Celebrity Secrets to Get Glowing Skin

How to Naturally Tighten Your Facial Skin at Home
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There are a lot of celebrity skin secrets flying around. But none are as accessible or quite as fun as their use of face masks to get glowing skin. If they can pamper their face with sheet face masks, creams, or mud packs, why can’t you? With Christmas Eve on its way, you’re probably keen to get some good anti-aging skin treatment going so your face looks and feels great for the holiday season. Once you start looking, you’ll see that it’s hard to decide on the best Christmas face masks for yourself, as there are quite a number to chose from.

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Seals of Approval

If you do a quick online search of “What face masks do celebs use?’ you’ll get an immediate yet long list of items . What’s most important to note is the specific ones certain celebrities use and why. Each one of facial masks is used to treat different skin problems. Like the personality behind them, face masks have their own unique characteristics.

One example is the Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask. Actress Kate Hudson uses the gold face mask for its ability to brighten up skin, particularly around the delicate eyes. On the other hand, actress Elizabeth Banks goes for Avon Anew Clinical Overnight Hydration Face Masks, as they work overnight to hydrate the face. And some stars, Cate Blanchett among them, prefer sheet face masks that boost one’s own natural complexion.

Many other people that have experimented with face masks like specific cream or clay type products. The deep pore cleansing Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask and the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mud Mask are two of the most popular masks on the market. They are good picks if you’re looking for a gift for someone yet don’t know their skin type, or if you just want to treat yourself.

In the end, we recommend a hydrating face mask for this time of the year, as the cold weather can really dry out your skin.

Going Your Own Way

If you’ve tried a couple of the celebrity-grade face masks but still don’t have that Christmas Eve look you want, consider trying a DIY homemade face-mask instead. It might sound strange, but sometimes a simple DIY face mask routine is pretty effective, especially for blackheads.

One age old example is the aspirin mask. You only need two-to-three uncoated aspirin tablets—use the generic brands as they are the least coated aspirin variety—in your hand before adding some water to them, letting them dissolve in your palm. Use your thumb to mash them up into a paste, and then apply to the face. Let it sit on your face for five minutes before rinsing off with a washcloth.

This might not sound like anything special, but it’s a great DIY face mask for oily skin due to the salicylic acid that really cleans pores out. If you want to add a bit of moisturizer or binding agents into the mix, mix some aloe or honey in your palm while the aspirin dissolves.

Yet another alternative DIY face mask you can concoct before Christmas Eve can me made from warm water, 1/3 cup of oatmeal, two tablespoons of plain yogurt, two tablespoons of honey, and an egg white. You only need to apply this for 10 to 15 minutes to get a hydrated skin effect.



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