Fantasy Bra Model Jasmine Tookes Reveals Prep Secrets for her 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Walk

Fantasy Bra Model Jasmine Tookes Reveals Prep Secrets for her 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Walk
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Fantasy Bra model Jasmine Tookes and Elsa Hosk are ready to reveal their runway preparation for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

It’s not everyday that mere mortals get a look inside the beauty routine of a model, so when we found out that Jasmine Tookes’ runway walk preparation was available, we had to jump on it!

Victoria’s Secret Preparation

When you hear the name Jasmine Tookes, you think high fashion, expensive bras, and the best runways in the world. For veteran models like Tookes and Hosk, preparing for one of the biggest fashion shows in the word couldn’t be more natural.

While in Paris during the fashion show taping, the Fantasy Bra runway model wore a $3 million Bright Nights Fantasy Bra! That’s one hell of a bra, if you ask us. But at this point, Tookes is a pro at what she does, compared to her first runway.

“I feel like it almost gets easier” every year, said Jasmine in an E! News interview. “My first year I was panicking, I was working out every day, freaking out.”

Tookes explained, “It’s kind of a good feeling because it’s more excitement and, like, nervous jitters and you just want to be on the runway.”

During the plane ride to Paris, where the fashion show is being held this year, Hosk told E! News that all the girls were dancing.

“Everyone was dancing…all the new girls were having a full-on party,” said Hosk.

With today being the big day, the Victoria’s Secret models had to prepare in a way that would get them ready for the runway.

“We are doing our last workout today and we’re just going to target the glutes and do all the areas that need a little extra love.” said Hosk. She added, “I don’t go too hard the day before because then I might be sore on the runway.”

In order to keep energized for the big day, Hosk and Tookes agreed that it’s important to eat enough protein and vegetables, as well as getting enough sleep.

“I’m normally a night owl, so it’s going to be a little bit tough for me. I’m going to force myself to be in bed hopefully by 10 p.m.,” said Tookes.

Jasmine Tookes’ Makeup

One crucial part of the Jasmine Tookes routine is her bubble baths, early bedtime mediations, and face masks the night before any show. On top of that, here are some other ways you can get the model’s look for yourself.

When it comes to Tookes’ skin care regimen, nothing is off limits.

“I wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and use Vitamin E straight from a supplement tablet on my face,” said Tookes in a British Vogue interview. “Also, I always run an ice cube over my face before bed. It’s really great for tightening your pores.”

Tookes is a lover of Tom Ford mascara and stays in shape all year round, whether she’s working or not. She loves the P90X workout and is an avid user of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for their color range.

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