Five Temporary Hair Color Products to Try out for Valentine’s Day

Five Temporary Hair Color Products to Try out for Valentine's Day
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This Valentine’s day, why not surprise your lover by trying out a new hair color. The language of love knows no bounds and a new look might just spice up a romantic night out. Temporary hair color is a great way to try out a different look without the commitment of a permanent dye job. Every it-girl on Instagram is showing her artistic side with temporary hair color that lasts just enough for a few snaps on their social media account. Now is perfect time for you to try a temporary color!

We here at Agein have pulled together a collection of the best Valentine’s Day hairstyles for you to try out on this day of love. With so many easy temporary hair color choices, there’s no wrong way to take a short-term beauty risk.

How to Do Valentines Day Hairstyles

Bumble and Bumble Chalk Spray

This quick dry tint is perfect for just a hint of color throughout the hair. Perfect for pony tails, just spray in the chalk color and you’re done! This quick-dry tint is great for here today-gone tomorrow styles, and works for all hair types.

Jerome Russell Punky Color

Punky color is the original semi-permanent conditioning color product. This product will allow you to get vivid color on bleached or chemically-treated hair, or to create a highlight effect on darker hair. No peroxide required for this punky color to show though. For those with long hair, go for a sexy style this Valentine’s Day. Color sections of your hair, leaving some natural; blow out your hair and slightly curl it, leaving it to fall around your shoulders for a sultry tousled look.

We love Punky Colour 'Violet' on this beauty @tiva_feltman.

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Kevin Murphy Color Bug

This wipe on, wipe off color couldn’t make it any easier to try out a new color. This fun, fast, non-permanent color is available in pink, orange, purple, and white. The finishes are available in neon and shimmer. Simply apply a sticky hair product such as hairspray, then sprinkle COLOR.BUG, which will stick to the hair. This product adds body to your hair with a wash of color, and it easily shampoos out.

DpHue Color Gloss

This color boosting gloss and deep conditioning treatment enhances and illuminates color treated or natural hair with semi-permanent hair color. It provides a freshly colored result in as little as three minutes, leaving hair soft and shiny with no peroxide, ammonia, or mixing. Use this product to liven up your already existing hair color.

Manic Panic Hair Color

A semi-permanent hair color cream that gives a high voltage surge of color. Available in a wide variety of colors, this company was one of the first to bring funky colored hair to mainstream culture. Try a multi-colored look with this product for an ultimate rainbow style.



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