Gabrielle Union Joins Alicia Keys’ Makeup-Free Movement, Shows Off Natural Glowing Skin on Social Media

Gabrielle Union
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff/Getty

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union recently joined singer and The Voice judge Alicia Keys’ no makeup movement.

People reports that the actress joined the makeup-free movement after recently posting a selfie on social media app, Snapchat. Union showed off her glowing bare face, complete with freckles and a polka-dotted head wrap.

But Union isn’t the only celebrity following in Keys’ footsteps: Reality star and socialite Kim Kardashian went makeup-free recently, during her time in Paris at the Balenciaga fashion show. Nicole Richie is also on board with the no-makeup trend.

Kardashians makeup artist isn’t at all threatened by this client’s new outlook on life and beauty.

“We’ve been so bombarded with heavy makeup on social media and YouTube, that people are just sick of it,” he tells PeopleStyle. “I think people are definitely going to start embracing a softer look. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be no makeup whatsoever, but I’m totally all about this natural look. I’m hoping that more natural looks will start trending more. I always say, just because you know how to do all the tricks with makeup doesn’t mean you have to.”

The Reasoning Behind the #NoMakeup Trend

Keys, who has been an inspiration to many and has been makeup-free for quite some time, went on to The Today Show in New York City and inspired hosts Tamron Hall, Al Roker, and Billy Bush to strip themselves of their makeup. Keys explained her reason for going makeup-free and how much time it frees up, and she convinced the hosts to use wipes to clear their faces on the air.

The #NoMakeup trend is catching on, and it may not be long before more stars join in and show their support. Instead of feeling insecure, Keys is showing women that they can feel confident in their own skin.

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