Game Of Thrones Halloween Makeup Ideas: Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark, White Walker, & Daenerys Targaryen

Game Of Thrones Halloween Makeup Ideas
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff /Getty

If you enjoy the show Game of Thrones or are just inspired by the theatrical costumes they wear, then here are some Halloween makeup ideas for 2016 that channel Sophie Turner’s Sansa Stark, White Walker, and Daenerys Taragaryen.

With the rise in popularity of Game of Thrones, there are plenty of Halloween makeup tutorials you can view in order to look as close as possible to the actual characters. Game of Thrones Halloween makeup is over the top involving white face paint, body paint and even different hairstyles to fully complete the look. But if you’re dedicated and really want to pull off the best Games of Thrones character for Halloween, then read on.

If you want to be scary, then we suggest going with the look of a White Walker. These characters, known as the Others, are creepy—which makes them perfect for Halloween! To best resemble a White Walker, you will need to play around with some facial wax so you can truly transform your face. Cake on the wax across the forehead and cheekbones and then apply white face paint.

Black eye shadow adds to the look by creating definition. Apply this around your eyes and contour your face to highlight facial features. For an added touch, stick on some white fur to your chin.

If a White Walker isn’t the look you are going for and you’d much rather channel your inner Sansa Stark or Daenerys Taragaryen, then you know that aside from makeup you, will have to achieve one of their many hairstyles.

The good news is there are many hair tutorials available on YouTube in order to teach you how to make the perfect braid or twist for the look.

Some YouTubers who are showing you how to look like Stark or Taragaryen include Emma Pickles, Silvousplaits, Kailey Melissa, Elmear Byrne, and Fancy Hair. You can follow their accounts to view their tutorial videos.

If you want to gore up your Daenerys Taragaryen, there is a makeup tutorial available from Glam&Gore that not only shows you how you can look like Daenerys Taragaryen, but also adds the addition of gory blood coming from the mouth.

Depending on who your favorite character from Game of Thrones is, there are endless easy-to-follow Halloween makeup tutorial videos available on YouTube that you can watch in order to make your costume go from party-store bought to over-the-top.


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