“Gilmore Girls” Stars Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham Talk on Ageless Skin and Beauty Routine

"Gilmore Girls" Stars Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham Talk on Ageless Skin and Beauty Routine
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

Our favorite Gilmore Girls ladies—Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel—are featured in the 2016 World’s Most Beautiful edition of People Magazine. This on-screen mother-daughter duo are rightfully included in this year’s edition since they look as young and ravishing as we last saw them a decade ago. In the interview, the Gilmore Girls stars have shared their beauty routine for their ageless skin.

The beautiful Alexis Bledel says that regular facial treatments with Beverly Hills beauty expert, Brigitte Beasse, has been a routine since her teen years. The celebrity beautician says that a good skin care regime is the key to an ageless look. She adds that consuming supplements like vitamin C, Retinol, and a new generation peptides in combination with using high-tech equipment such as the Environ DF Machine and red light therapy, one can set back the skin aging clock.

The other Gilmore Girl star, Lauren Graham, says that she takes skincare seriously and coconut oil as a moisturizer. She is a staunch sunscreen user and also does a lot of exfoliating. On the Ellen DeGeneres show, the 49-year-old star said that she goes for cryotheraphy process. Graham explained that the process involves freezing (oneself) which supposedly reduces inflammation.

Both the ladies believe in regular pampering of the skin and take utmost personal care of it. They eat healthy, workout regularly, and so they look healthy! To quote Ernő László, “Beautiful skin requires commitment. Not a miracle.”

If you want to have “anti-aging” skin like Bledel’s, then here is the five-step facial treatment straight from her beauty book:

  1. Cleanse – First, pre-clean the face and decolletage with mineral oil and a steam machine. Next, exfoliate with a clay mask. Use a Clarisonic Face Bush with cleansing gel to clean the skin. Apply Environ Alpha Toner Forte, then Alpha Gel followed by the cleansing gel again.
  2. Extraction – After the deep pore cleansing and blackhead extraction, apply toner again. This should be followed by a high-frequency current treatment.
  3. Sonophoresis Treatment – This includes a cosmetic roller which uses tiny micro needles across the face to stimulate the skin. Next apply LAC-Pamgel or a serum with lactic acid all over the face and decolletage. Also, apply a serum rich in vitamin C. Then, treat the skin with an ultrasound and micro-current for deeper penetration of the products.
  4. Iontophoresis Treatment – Next apply an alginate mask on the entire face. This mask is of rubbery consistency, and helps to reduce fine lines, tighten the skin and increase its elasticity.
  5. Hydration & Production – Finally, moisturize the skin with a cream containing low concentration of vitamins A, C, and E and antioxidants, like Environ AVST Moisturizer 1. Finish the routine with a NuFace device to tighten and tone the face.



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