Growing Up Hip Hop Star Angela Simmons Launches Lipstick Line on “The Glamatory” Website

Angela Simmons, the Growing Up Hip Hop Star Launches her Lipstick Line on “The Glamatory” Website
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Growing Up Hip Hop star Angela Simmons has launched her own lipstick line called Lip A.R.T. Right now, it comes in four must-have shades: nude, metallic, and two gorgeous shades of red—one is like a bright cherry red and the other is more of a burgundy. Simmons believes that red lipstick is an absolute necessity for every working girl because it demonstrates a sense of empowerment and strength.

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The 29-year-old daughter of famous rapper Joseph Simmons, also known as Rev. Run of Run DMC, says she chose to launch a lipstick line because lipstick is her favorite type of makeup to apply. She has collaborated with celebrity makeup artist and stylist Mimi Johnson, and the lipsticks can currently be purchased through her online store, The Glamatory, for $14 a tube. Any one of the four shades entitled “On Point Settia” (bright red), “Bows and Baes” (nude), “Slaybells” (dark red) and “Hollidaze” (golden metallic) would be the perfect gift for that self reliant woman on your Christmas list.

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Angela Simmons created this lipstick line with the working woman in mind. She is cleverly marketing it towards women who, like her, have goals and aspirations to be successful in whatever they do and who will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. So not only does she want women to work hard and take care of themselves, but she also wants them to look and feel gorgeous while doing it!

Makeup Trends

There used to be a time when women wore makeup because it was a requirement, or it was expected that they try to make themselves look pretty for the men in their lives. But those days are long gone and now women are more empowered to wear makeup as a form of self-expression—a form of art if you will. It wouldn’t be surprising if that’s the reason Angela Simmons decided to call her lipstick line Lip A.R.T. Women should get creative with their makeup, and starting with these four beautiful shades is a great way to do just that.

Red lipstick is bold and fierce without necessarily being intimidating, which is why it’s one of Angela’s favorite working girl hues. The nude, on the other hand, is a little more subtle, which is why it works well if you’re planning on pairing it with brightly colored eye shadow or cheekbone highlights. The metallic gold shade is perfect for those nights when you want to live it up by going out on the town. Whatever lip shades you prefer, the Lip A.R.T collection delivers. The best part is that all four of the lipsticks are made with organic ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Angela’s dream is that women of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy these lipsticks. She wants all women to feel inspired by her achievements and discover a newfound confidence and beauty within themselves when they use her products.



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