Gwyneth Paltrow on Natural Fragrances, “Iron Man” Star Reveals Her First Goop Natural Perfume, on Sale November 15

Gwyneth Paltrow On Natural Fragrances, “Iron Man” Star Reveals Her First Goop Natural Perfume, On Sale Nov.15
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Known for her organic and Zen ways, Iron Man star Gwyneth Paltrow spoke with The Cut about natural fragrances, non-toxic perfumes, and her first Goop natural perfume.

Most would expect the 44-year-old Oscar winner to have her first perfume smell like perfection and rainbows, but you’ll be surprised to find out that the fragrance (edition 01), smells of “sexy church scents.”

“It’s my other hidden side,” Paltrow quipped.

Paltrow Loves Scents

On sale November 15, edition 01 is described as a rich mix of burning wood and incense, which is also free of artificial ingredients. Paltrow also talked to The Cut about toxic fragrances, the scent of happiness, and how onions remind her of home.

Paltrow first talked about her mother’s—actress Blythe Danner—perfume being her first scent memory and how meaningful it was.

“My mother’s perfume. We used to go to Nantucket at the end of every summer for a couple of weeks and I remember the scent of box hedging—those little hedges with the small leaves. That is my most powerful olfactory memory.”

In the past, Paltrow has used her brand to distribute makeup and skin care, but fragrance is a new avenue for her, which isn’t just business, but personal as well.

“From a straight business perspective, fragrance is a very tangible way for somebody to buy a piece of a brand at a good price point. Whenever we’ve done candle collaborations on Goop, they’ve sold very, very well.”

For Paltrow, fragrance is an important part of her life, and of course she found a way to make a scent that is non-toxic and falls in line with her Goop message. The perfume allows women to have a modern and clean scent on at any time or occasion.

Perfumers normally use a combination of synthetic and natural materials, claiming that there’s no quality difference, but Paltrow is all about keeping it clean.

“All I can speak to is my experience personally. Fragrance-ingredient labels aren’t transparent, and because of that, you don’t know what’s in it. There are synthetic fragrances that smell incredible that I’ve worn my whole life, but if they have phthalates and carcinogens, then, to me, it’s unjustifiable.”

Paltrow adds that mainstream companies are being forced to take a closer look at their fragrance ingredients, because consumer are demanding cleaner products. With edition 01, Paltrow offers yet another one of her non-toxic personal-care products.

When it comes to introducing clean living to a stranger, Paltrow has no problem, but when it comes to teaching her daughter, Apple, about clean beauty, she lets her do her thing.

“This is an area where I’m still in education mode, but she’s very into makeup, YouTube tutorials, and conventional makeup. That is one of the reasons why I want to do this even more.”

Paltrow’s favorite scents are the romantic smell of a man and the smell of onions sautéing in butter, which she associates with love and home. And when it comes to the smell of happiness—fresh lilies get the job done every time.



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