Hailey Baldwin Colors Hair Rose Gold, Joins Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts, Elle Fanning & Kylie Jenner Trend

Hailey Baldwin
Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff/ Getty

The rose gold hair color trend has been seen on Hailey Baldwin, Kate Hudson, Emma Roberts, Elle Fanning, and Kylie Jenner. What exactly is the rose gold hair color? Well, there is actually a wide range of words to describe the hair color trend.

Rose gold hair dye can be described as a blend of pink and red, but in some cases, it may also look more like a purple-pink. It really all depends on what look you’re going for.

The pink hair look has hit social media and celebrities by storm, with many famous names embarking on the hair color trend. Baldwin unveiled her pink hair a few days ago, and other celebs like Katy Perry, Ashley Tisdale, and Elle Goulding have all tried the rose gold color, too.

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The nice thing about the rose gold color is that is can be quite customizable, meaning you can have really intense coloring or you can make it softer—almost making the pink look natural. You can start the color at the roots, or you can dip only your ends in it. Whatever your style is, rose-gold hair can definitely work with it.

Considering that the rose gold hair trend is crazy popular right now, you probably want to look for a rose gold hair tutorial. There’s a bunch of them on YouTube that will walk you through how to apply rose gold hair dye and teach you how to achieve the look. But if you’re like many of us and can’t navigate your way around hair color, you may want to just book an appointment with your hairdresser and have them do it for you.

When Baldwin previously died her hair grey for Coachella, she used a temporary colored mousse (Roux Fanci-full Styling Mousse). So she may have gone the same route this time around for the rose gold color. Although it seems that she is maintaining the pinkish color by the looks of her Instagram posts so it’s hard to tell.

If you need some rose gold hair color inspiration, you can also easily search #RoseGoldHair on Instagram to see how hundreds of other women are rocking their rose gold strands. Many of them even reveal the products that they used to achieve the look, which can help you narrow down the options on how to complete it yourself.

Whether you’re looking for balayage hair, ombre hair, or an all-over new hair color, you may want to try the rose gold hair color trend like many celebrities already have.


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