Hair Care for the Season: Best Ways to Take Care and Style Your Locks in Spring

Spring hair care

Hair loss, a frizzy mane, dull and lifeless locks, and lack of moisture and sheen is generally what happens to hair after baring the harsh winter. Though spring makes for picturesque weather, it does a lot of damage to your mane unless its properly cared for. For healthy hair, always ensure you use the best products you can afford, and go easy with hair grooming accessories.

Since each hair type is different, it’s crucial to understand what your hair type is for proper hair care and to know which products to use. Good hair care throughout the year is essential for beautiful hair.

Healthy Hair Care Tips for Spring

Moisturization is Key

Most hair issues arise due to poor hair care and no moisture in your locks. Ensure you use a good shampoo and conditioner to help lock in the moisture. This will evidently show on your mane after a couple of washes.

Ensure you do not over-wash your mane as this can strip it of its natural oils, making it dull and lifeless. Irrespective of the change in seasons, hair should be washed about two times a week. Shampoos which are suitable for normal hair work well with most individuals during this season, since the air is more humid.

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Reverse Your Routine

The regular way of using a shampoo and then following it up with a conditioner may sometimes tend to weigh your hair down. If this is an issue you have been facing, then feel free to experiment by reversing the process. Use a conditioner first to add volume and boost the hair, after which the shampoo cleanses and removes excess weight. This can be followed up with a good hair cream as a leave-in option for additional shine.


For a fresh change this spring season, why not get a brand new haircut? With many trending styles, there are many options to choose from for a spring haircut. A good haircut also eliminates dead and split ends, and makes hair bouncy. Opt for bangs, a pixie style or a lob for fantastic spring styles. The end result will have your hair looking fresh, healthy, and lively.

Add a Pop of Color

With so many brands and shades of color available today, you can have a different hair color for every season! This spring, go for shades of chocolate or opt for daring hues of purple, pink or blue. Dyed hair lasts longer when you use the right shampoo and conditioner to keep the shade intact. It is also advisable to go for regular touch-ups to keep the shade lively and fresh for a longer period of time.

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 Accessorize It Right

Spring is a good time to flaunt your mane with cute accessories. Be it blingy clips or fun hairbands, go crazy with colors this season! You can also add braids, sparkly hair bands, and cute ribbons to style your mane. You can also add temporary highlights to your mane for extra vibrancy.

Ponytails, half-buns, and turban-style headbands work really well for the spring season as it keeps your hair away from your face and makes it manageable.

Avoid Hair Styling Tools

Go easy on the curlers, hair straighteners and crimpers. Hot hair styling products are good for parties and events and quick to use, however using them frequently is bad for your hair. Constant shock from the heat can eliminate moisture and damage hair. Take extra care while styling colored hair.

After a hair wash, run your fingers through your mane and allow it to air-dry naturally for smooth hair. For natural curls, braid small segments after a hair wash while it is still damp, and allow it to dry naturally. When you remove the braids, you are left with gorgeous loose curls.

Go Natural and Organic

Whenever possible, opt for natural and homemade hair creams and masks to treat your locks. Prickly pear, blueberries, and sage is excellent for hair care. Lemon juice works for stubborn dandruff and lightening your hair naturally. Lavender helps soothe an itchy scalp, while chamomile helps to add volume and shine to your hair.

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Hair Masks

For a wonderful lightening hair mask, soak chamomile overnight in water. The next morning, strain it out and infuse your hair with the chamomile water. Squeeze a couple of drops of lemon juice and go for a walk in the sun. The sun plays a key role in activating both ingredients to help lighten the hair.

This trick works beautifully on both natural and artificial hair colors.

Watch Your Diet

Your hair health is connected to what you consume, thus your locks are a mirror image of what you put in your body. Extremely lifeless and damaged hair may also be linked to your liver. Ensure you detox your body and hair every once in a while for proper growth and healthy mane.

A good scrub, cleansing mask, or prickly pear seed oil will work wonders to detox your hair. For a do-it-at-home method, place some sea salt in a bowl of clean water. Without allowing it to dissolve too much, put the mixture on your scalp and massage gently. This tip helps in taking care of itchiness, oily scalp, and hair allergies. For a dry scalp, a good massage with warm almond oil is recommended prior shampooing.

Put Your Hair Brush Away

Using a comb or hair brush on dry hair, or just after a hair wash can be very damaging. Hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, and combing it at this stage can lead to hair breakage and severe damage. Instead, allow your hair to dry naturally and before using a comb, use your fingers to eliminate any knots or tangles. A special detangling brush is also available which has wider teeth.

Vinegar Hair Booster for Gorgeous Hair

Combine one part of vinegar with three parts of hot water and use it to rinse your hair. After this, follow up with your regular hair wash ritual. This tip will instantly help in getting rid of greasy locks and add shine to fine hair.



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