Halloween Makeup Ideas 2016: All Saints’ Eve Last-Minute Plans for Vampire, Scarecrow, Zombie, and White Nun from “American Horror Story”

Halloween costume ideas

Halloween’s one of those celebrations that are all about last-minute plans. You’ve either checked out the forecast and realized the sofa looks a lot better than venturing out to a party—which will inevitably result in a change of mind—or you’re getting yanked in five different directions.

The good thing is that whipping up a costume out of nowhere is pretty easy. Halloween makeup ideas in 2016 aren’t that different than any other year, so with a little makeup you can swing just about anything to make the most of All Saint’s Eve.

Here are some Halloween make-up tips you can use in a pinch while making people think you spent weeks deciding on the perfect costume.

Vampire: This is pretty easy, because if you’ve seen Blade you’ll know that vampires can rock any style and be an impressive costume. Long gone are the days of the Transylvanian Dracula-type vampire. These days you can rock a vampire face with a suit, cocktail dress or skinny jeans. Check out some of these Halloween makeup ideas for a vampire costume:

Scarecrow: Is that outfit you bought to go apple picking still sitting in your closet? Of course it is. Well, here’s another chance to rock it. And if you don’t have that outfit and still want to go as a scarecrow, hit up some thrift stores to easily and cost-effectively get some clothes that will suffice—just don’t forget to pick up some straw as well.

Transform your face into a scarecrow’s with these Halloween makeup tips:

Zombie: Easy, classic, and with endless opportunities for creativity. This is the easiest last-minute costume, and the best part is that people will think you’ve been planning it for weeks. Check out these Halloween makeup tips to transform yourself into a zombie:

Fairy: Picking up a pair of wings to wear with a cocktail dress has you halfway to fairyland. To complete your fairy look now, all you need is a little makeup. Get some inspiration for your look here:

White Nun from American Horror Story: This really simple look shows you’re down with times—and Halloween’s all about that relevance in 2016. Use this American Horror Story-inspired look that you can whip up in a hot minute: