Halloween Makeup Ideas 2016 by Artists Napoleon Perdis, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Sanchez, & Pat McGrath

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween makeup artists for cosmetics brand Napoleon Perdis, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Sanchez, and Pat McGrath have provided some Halloween makeup ideas for 2016. Whether you are looking for scary Halloween makeup, easy Halloween makeup ideas, or Halloween makeup tutorials, these makeup artists have you covered.


For male Halloween-celebrators, mastering the perfect creepy Halloween makeup may be difficult; and so, it may be worth it to locate a Halloween makeup artist for hire. But if you know your way around a blending brush or color palette, then you can pull off the look yourself.

The first step of mastering Halloween makeup is figuring out what you want to be this year. Is it something dead or alive? Do you want to look glamorous or scary? After figuring out what look you are going for, then you can narrow in on what kind of makeup you will need.

Many of the above listed makeup artists have posted detailed videos on how you can complete your Halloween look with easy Halloween makeup tutorials. These step-by-step guides tell you what colors and products you will need and how to use them.

For example, Tilbury has videos on how to look like a gothic vampire bride, femme fatale, and bejeweled skeleton look.


If you’re looking for some life-like scariness, then you may want to watch Sanchez’s video tutorials as she highlights how to become a Ouija demon, an enchanted mermaid, beautiful skeleton, creepy puppet, and many more faces that will surely land you best costume at any party.


Another great place to get inspired for your Halloween look, or just makeup looks in general, is through Instagram. By following some of these top makeup artists you can become inspired on Halloween makeup looks and become more aware of current makeup trends and everyday tutorials, which can make you a makeup pro in no time.

Some of these big name makeup artists you should follow include Pat McGrath, Joyce Bonelli, Hung Vaango, Patrick Ta, Mylah Morales, Kate Lee, Robin Black, and Sir John, to name a few. These artists have worked with such celebrities as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Victoria’s Secret models, Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and the Queen B herself, Beyonce. These artists’ Instagram accounts will be sure to offer up some great inspiration and tricks from the trade in order for you to perfect your Halloween makeup this year.

So whether your Halloween look consists of looking incredibly scary or completely glamorized, there are many outlets that can help you achieve what you are going for. Don’t be afraid if you’re not a master of makeup, that’s what tutorial videos are for. You can slow down the video, pause it, or even rewind it in case you missed an important part.

Just as a costume is important for Halloween, so is the makeup; so really complete your look this year by investing some time in stepping up your makeup game and really transforming yourself into someone, or something, you’re not.


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