Happy and Healthy Living: 11 Essential Things a Woman Must Do in Her 40s


Your 40s are fabulous! Like fine wine, most women also age beautifully with time. Women in their 40s need not bother about a few strands of grey hair or a tiny wrinkle or two; instead they should focus on their health and wellness for a healthy and happy life.

While most women are mature, sorted, and settled once they enter their 40s, they could feel low and burdened due to the following various factors.

Metabolism: The metabolic rate drops a little every decade, so it’s recommended to observe diet patterns because the body at this stage will not just “deal with it.”

Bone health: Women may often find themselves visiting doctors to address joint and knee pains they experience, especially while walking long distances and climbing stairs. Several women also face osteoporosis, a condition which causes bone weakening and increases bone porosity. Bone health also lowers each year, resulting in constant pains and aches.

Stress: Due to their career, children, parents, family issues, financial aspects, and health.

Muscles: As compared to women in their 30s, muscle health drops significantly by the time they hit 40.

Depression: Women feel low and lack energy. The chances of depression are highest at this stage, especially if they are stressed due to health or family issues, or changes in their body, including weight gain.

Insufficient or no exercise: Insufficient exercising leads to poor bone health, weight gain, and reduces muscle strength. Start with simple exercises like brisk walking, cycling or swimming; then move on to weight-bearing ones. Pair the workout with a healthy, balance diet.

Low protein intake: The American Journal of Physiology – Endocrinology and Metabolism claims that increasing the daily recommended intake of proteins by almost double, increases muscle-building and improves metabolism in older individuals. A set ratio of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is the general requirement for a healthy individual.

In considering all these factors, the 40s is a good phase to devote some time to health, happiness, and well-being by addressing health issues, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying life to the fullest.

11 Things a Woman Should Do in Her 40s

Three happy friends talking and drinking coffee and tea sitting on a couch at home

Get the Adrenaline Pumping

Boost your body with heart-thumping activities that will leave you breathless. The Wall of Life around the Inian Islands in Alaska, Sea Lion Rookery in California, and Pelagic Magic in Hawaii are some of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Similarly, Navajo Bridge in Arizona, Red Wood Trees in California, and Stratosphere in Las Vegas are popular bungee jumping destinations.

Go Camping

Camping is a great way to release stress in the midst of luscious green trees, fresh air, and chirping birds. Enroll in a camping group with friends or take the family along for company. The Acacia National Park in Maine, White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, and Badlands National Park in South Dakota are good options for camping.

Replace Coffee with Green Tea

Caffeinated drinks are bad for your overall health. Instead, opt for green tea, fresh fruit juices, or smoothies. Loaded with natural nutrients and antioxidants, green tea and fruits boost health and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Eat Breakfast Every Day

Never skip breakfast. Have a wholesome breakfast consisting of all the required nutrients and fiber, and finish with milk or a freshly squeezed fruit juice. A healthy breakfast provides energy throughout the day and gives that “full feeling” to help manage weight.

Jump-Start Your Metabolism

Since it’s a common issue for metabolism to slow down at this age, ensure you do your best to keep it up! Consume balanced meals and avoid sugar, carbs, and sugary foods. Reduce the intake of processed meat and cheese, get a good amount of sleep, and exercise regularly.

Get Sufficient Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium takes care of the bones and teeth while vitamin D is essential for proper bone health and functioning. Include milk and dairy products in your diet for calcium and get a good amount of early morning sun for vitamin D. Consult a doctor in case you want to take supplements.

Learn to Effectively Manage Stress

Stress cannot be completely eliminated but can be controlled by using effective techniques. Yoga goes a long way in keeping the mind and body healthy. Try to de-stress in other ways by going for a long walk, talking it out, or spending time with family and friends.

Pump up Your Protein Intake

Proteins are responsible for building and repairing tissues. An important building block, protein is crucial for the overall health and functioning of the body. Cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, chicken, and fish are rich sources of natural proteins.

Be Adventurous with Your Partner

Try to spice things up in the bedroom. The 40s is also a good period to devote more time and attention to your relationship. Go out for a romantic holiday or take a trip abroad. Spend quality time together.

Go out with Your Girlfriends

Plan a fun trip together with your girlfriends. Try to meet your friends at least once a month. Go out for a movie and dinner, concert, or a picnic far away from the city. Talk, unwind, and relax with your friends, and meet up often.

Get Routine Checkups

Be sure to do a routine, full-body checkup once every six months. Get examined for cardiac, gynecological, orthopedic, or any other health conditions such as breast cancer. If you are diabetic or hypertensive, be extra careful to manage these conditions well by adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking prescribed medication.

Tips to Live a Happy, Carefree Life in Your 40s

  • Be sure to pay close attention to your health since it is a lot more fragile at this stage. Do not overlook any symptoms which catch your attention and consult your doctor immediately.
  • Choose your own method to de-stress. Take a long walk, listen to your favorite music, cook a gourmet meal, or talk to friends and family. Release negative energy that may build up with time. If you don’t work, engage in an activity to keep yourself busy. Be it learning a new language or sport, take time out to develop yourself and have a disciplined daily routine.
  • Practice good habits. Eat healthy and in moderation, practice positive thinking, and stay away from negative people. Try yoga, eat clean and fresh produce, wake up early, exercise, and do things that put a smile on your face.
  • Don’t always be at the disposal of family and friends. You were there through it all when they needed your support. Give them a chance to look after themselves without reaching out to you for every issue they face.
  • Be positive! This will enable you to see the best in every situation. A happy and cheerful individual has a harmonious mind and a relaxed body.



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