Happy Birthday! Camilla Luddington Turns 33: Grey’s Anatomy Star’s Christmas Prep on Instagram and Beauty Tips

Happy Birthday! Camilla Luddington Turns 33: Grey's Anatomy Star's Christmas Prep on Instagram and Beauty Tips
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Happy birthday to Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington, who turns 33 today but doesn’t look even close to her age.  Luddington, who is best known for portraying Jo Wilson on the hit drama, has a truly flawless complexion.  Camilla Luddington ages gracefully, which she credits in part to giving up dairy and using Renée Rouleau Anti-Cyst Treatment for any breakouts that she might get.  The Grey’s Anatomy star’s natural beauty is evident in the photos she posts for fans on social media.  Camilla Luddington’s Instagram feed is full of beautiful shots, proving that the English born actress is the queen of selfies!  As we have seen with many celebrities this holiday season, Luddington, is filling her Instagram with her Christmas prep, from picturing her cozy fireplace to showcasing Christmas tree decorations. One of her latest posts captures her horror movie-inspired Christmas Krampus figurine hanging on the tree, captioning it, “Merry krampus ??*i just had to sneak him on the tree.”

Merry krampus ??*i just had to sneak him on the tree

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Got to attend #ssw2016 today- donating for a good cause and browsed baby product heaven ?#firsttimemom #babyontheway

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#bts today getting ready to shoot a magazine cover with my ❤️s @alexandra_schack @kiranasrat and @dereksyuen

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Camilla Luddington’s Beauty Tips Keep her Looking Young

Celebrities are not the only ones who want to stay fresh and flawless this holiday season, so we are bringing you Camilla Luddington’s beauty tips on what keeps her looking young.  As previously mentioned, Luddington cuts out all dairy, which she spoke about with E! Online. “It’s so hard because I love cheese but I saw a significant difference in my breakouts when I eliminated it. The better I am at cutting it out, the clearer my skin looks.”  When Luddington does need the help of makeup for sudden breakouts, she likes to use Physician Formula dual concealer that has a yellow end and alternately a green end.  Luddington uses the yellow side of the concealer stick to cut out any unwanted redness on her face.  She uses it on set and off duty under her eyes or for breakouts.  Aside from skin care and makeup, Luddington also likes to talk about her beautiful hair and how she keeps her waves soft and hydrated.  “This summer I bleached my hair out and, in the span of seven weeks, went back to brunette. As a result it’s fried,” Camilla says.  “The only shampoo-conditioner combo that’s made it feel more silky is Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner. For good, messy texture after styling, I swear by R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo.”

Camilla Luddington’s outlook on life also helps keep her young.  She enjoys taking time for herself, and also loves being surrounded by friends.  She has a group of girlfriends who frequently meet for brunch who are extremely close.  They vent and laugh their weekly troubles away over eggs and mimosas.  Luddington tells New Beauty, “I treasure it.  It’s like therapy for me.”  We could all take a page out of Camilla Luddington’s life lessons if it will help keep us looking young and flawless each day!


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