Happy Birthday Jane Fonda! “Monster-In-Law” Actress Turns 79 and Looks Younger, Ageless Beauty Secrets Revealed

jane Fonda

Glamorous and versatile, Jane Fonda celebrates her 79th birthday (that’s right) today, December 21. The veteran actress still looks elegant and could give contemporary younger actresses a run for their money. She has a great fan following on social media sites, and warm wishes are pouring in from them on her special day. Here’s a picture shared by a fan on Instagram and the actress looks ageless.

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The Monster-in-Law star began her career in the Broadway play, There Was a Little Girl, and rose to fame on the big screen in the 1960s. The two-time Academy Award winner was recently honored in the 42nd AFI Life Achievement Award for her career in diverse roles.

In the 80s, Fonda became the queen of workout videos. Her first video became a best-selling hit. The enthusiastic actress has launched another workout DVD this year too. Now, we understand how she has been able to maintain her perfect figure since her younger days.

Jane Fonda’s Ageless Beauty Secrets

Jane Fonda has aged gracefully. She has made aging look beautiful and healthy. The actress advocates an anti-aging face cream by Dr. Oz, which she is devoted to and has been using for a long time. She advises to have a healthy lifestyle and stresses the importance of breakfast. She also says to exercise daily and to follow a good diet with healthy snacking.

She suggests to include three types of exercises in any kind of workout. These exercises are aerobics, resistance exercises, and stretching. According to Fonda, the absolute minimum for effective exercise is three times a week on alternate days for at least half an hour.

She recommends healthy eating and to include all colors of vegetables and fresh fruits in the meals. She says that one should eat only when one is hungry, and if possible, avoid sugar and salt in the diet.

Jane Fonda also has a calorie intake chart which she breaks down into three parts of the day. According to the fit actress, we should feed ourselves throughout the day. Ideally, one-third of our daily calories should be taken in the morning, one-third in the midday, and not more that one-third in the evening.



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