Holiday Cosmetics Collection 2016: Beauty Launches to Try This Holiday Season

Holiday Cosmetics Collection
Credit: Clive Brunskill / Staff / Getty

The season is here and now you want the look. But what’s available? What’s contemporary? Which brands have something for the holiday season? All of these questions are valid, and the good news is that there is more than one holiday cosmetics collection 2016 to watch out for. In fact, with Christmas approaching, there are several beauty launches to take note of, and they have the best beauty cosmetics on the market today.

One Stop Shopping

Like any perfect Christmas shopping outlet, a holiday cosmetics collection is a one-stop shopping affair. You can get all of the latest makeup products in one buy and the contents are all quality. They contain the makeup products for both holiday occasions, while having colors that are still the latest beauty trends and can be used later.

Most collections have the following items:

  • A mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Color Matte
  • Nail varnish
  • Cream shadows

Along with these necessary products, many holiday cosmetics collections come with other helpful accessories like a makeup bag or application tools. Some even come with fun accessories like keychains or Christmas stockings. Price-wise, they can run around $100-$300 depending on the contents. That might sound high, but you get a lot in one swift purchase.

Best Beauty Cosmetics Collections

There are so many options and prices for the different holiday cosmetics collection of 2016—it’s hard to ascribe “the best” to one. But some good options to start investigating are:

Kylie Cosmetics’ Holiday Must-Have Collection – This is a real all-in-one collection as it comes with the Merry Lip Kit, with both lipliner and lipstick, three cream shadows, and a five piece brush set with flat, round, and defining brushes.

BeYu Holiday 2016 Sparkling Collection – While it has other products, this holiday cosmetics collection boasts a great set of eye makeup looks, including limited edition smoky kohl, eyeshadow clutch, and fine liners. It also includes the Angel Beauty Nail Lacquer in two separate colors.

The Giorgio Armani Eye and Face Palette Limited Edition Holiday 2016 collection is unique. It contains their signature nude complexion with powders, two foundations and application sponges. There’s also their Holiday Palette, Maestro Fusion Makeup Cream, and Luminous Shade Compact that can get that can get the Armani complexion while also providing concealing applications as well.

It goes without saying that many of these holiday cosmetics collections are limited editions and only available for Christmas 2016. While they are only available for a limited time, they are often offered at special prices from both store and online retailers.


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