How to Find the Perfect Shade of Lipstick

How-to-Find-the-Perfect-Shade-of-LipstickThere have been so many occasions where I thought I had finally found the perfect lipstick color, only to come home and realize that it isn’t anywhere near perfect. That was until I started putting a little more thought into the shades I was selecting.

For obvious hygienic reasons, I don’t recommend putting the lipstick tester in the store anywhere near your lips. A lot of people draw a lipstick line on the back of their hand to see the color, but here’s a more effective technique. Dab some of the lipstick color on your fingertip, which is closer in color to your natural lips. You can also hold your finger right up against your lips to see how it looks against your skin tone on your face.

For people with a fair complexion, go for lipstick colors that are in the range of soft pink, light corals, and rose nudes. Stay away from the deeper browns and hot pinks. Medium skin tones can go a little darker than fair-skinned women—try shades in the berry or rose family, or even a bolder burgundy shade. For darker-skinned people, deeper plum and darker red shades look great. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with bright pinks and reds, which are totally on trend right now.

If you’re trying to pull off the nude lip look, try to only go one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. Going too light or too dark, or even matching too closely to your skin tone, will look nowhere near natural.

Now, remember all of the lipsticks you bought, but never used because they didn’t end up being the right color? Don’t throw them away! Play around with them by mixing some of the shades together and see what you come up with—you might just end up with a new custom shade that works perfectly for you.

The one brand that I have always found to have a great assortment of colors for all skin types is Revlon. I’ve always been able to count on them not just for the variety of colors, but also for the quality.