How to Get Jiggle-Free Arms After 40

How to Get Jiggle-Free Arms After 40As we grow older, our metabolism tends to slow down, and with a reduced metabolism comes increased fat storage. While it may be assumed that most of the fat for women is stored in their stomach, breasts, thighs, or buttocks, women’s bodies also store fat in the upper arms, resulting in that “bat wing” look that every woman hates seeing. If you hold your forearm up in a 90-degree angle without flexing, gently shake your arm, and see your tricep area jiggle, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s important for your anti-aging fitness routine to encompass both fat loss and muscle toning for your whole body, including weight training, in order for it to be effective.

When it comes to anti-aging fitness and weight-training, many women shy away from including upper body exercises, simply because they’re afraid of bulking up too much. Well, the good news is that you can work on ditching the flab and getting lean and defined arms without looking like the Incredible Hulk. Besides, women’s bodies aren’t made to naturally bulk up like that with anti-aging fitness alone, because, for one thing, we don’t have as much testosterone.

Some more good news: according to Dr. William Kraemer of the University of Connecticut, while the upper arm area may be part of the major fat-storage “trifecta” (which also includes hips and thighs, according to Kraemer), it’s one of the areas that tends to shed fat sooner. This means that with a simple anti-aging fitness plan that includes upper body weight training, you can easily work towards jiggle-free arms.

So, what should your anti-aging fitness workout for jiggle-free arms include? According to a study by the American Council on Exercise, the best exercises to tone arms are the basics: push-ups, tricep kickbacks, and bench dips.

How to Get Jiggle-Free Arms After 40For variety, consider adding Pilates or boxing to your anti-aging fitness plan for jiggle-free arms. The movements in these structured anti-aging fitness routines can do wonders for toning upper arms. Variations on traditional push-ups, such as uneven push-ups (elevating one arm by placing a ball under one palm) or hip heist push-ups (rotating your body from face-down to face-up by shifting your weight so you end up in the tabletop position) can also help tone the upper arms. Planks are another option to add to your anti-aging fitness plan, along with the more traditional weight training exercises, like bicep curls.

It is important to note that even with the best anti-aging fitness routine, some degree of jiggling is normal under the arms, since muscles that are relaxed will jiggle by nature. To get a better gauge on your degree of excess upper arm fat, see if you can pinch an inch. To do this, get into the push-up position; with one hand, pinch the back of the other arm halfway between your underarm and elbow. If you can pinch more than one inch, you should consider fine-tuning your anti-aging fitness plan to include the muscles in your upper arms.

To develop an anti-aging fitness workout to achieve your specific goals, including excess fat in the upper arms, consider consulting a fitness coach, who can help you design a personalized workout plan to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your anti-aging fitness routine. With a little extra focus, you can achieve sexy, toned, feminine, and jiggle-free arms through just some simple changes to your current anti-aging fitness plan.


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