How to Make Your Blue Eyes Pop

How-to-Make-Your-Blue-Eyes-PopSince the eyes are the focal point of the face—the first way to connect with someone is by establishing eye contact—it’s hard not to notice someone with bright blue eyes, which stand out at any age.

People with blue eyes are lucky because they can wear a very wide range of colors that will make their eyes stand out even more. The shades that work best with blue eyes are lavender, pale to medium blue, soft pink, or violet. You will also find that using a dark shade of blue or teal in the evenings will actually bring out some of the natural blue tones in your eyes and create a more dramatic look.

Have you ever thought of wearing orange eye shadow? It may sound a little out there, but the contrast can really make your blue eyes pop. I’m not saying you have to go pumpkin orange, but try orangey hues like copper, coral, and rust, which all look fantastic against blue eyes.

If you’re looking for something a little more natural, go for taupe or champagne shades. You can also blend in slightly darker shades of tan, brown, or camel to help add a little shape and dimension to the eyes without overpowering them with too much color. You’ll want to blend the dark and light colors so that you don’t see a harsh line between the shades. If you don’t have a professional blending brush for makeup, your fingertips work just as well.

The one thing to keep in mind when choosing eye shadows is the color of your skin and hair. One shade might look different on a fair-skinned blonde with blue eyes than on someone with darker hair or more olive-toned skin. There’s no reason you can’t test a shade first to see how it works with your features.

I’ve always found that Lancôme has a great selection of eye shadows. For blue eyes, try the “Peach Opulence” or “Plum Splendor” eye shadow palettes.