How to Pick and Wear the Right Blush

How-to-Pick-and-Wear-the-Right-BlushBlush makes a big difference—adding that touch of color on your cheeks brightens up your whole face and can actually make your skin look healthier. But finding the perfect blush can sometimes be just as challenging as choosing the right foundation because there are so many different shades to choose from. And for someone who isn’t a makeup pro, it can be pretty overwhelming.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a color is that blush is supposed to look natural and subtle. The last thing you want is to walk out looking like a clown or a made-up China doll. If you’ve applied your blush and your cheeks are too rosy, you have one of two problems: you’re using the wrong shade, or you’ve put too much on.

Working with Your Skin Tone

Just like picking a foundation or concealer, the key to blush is finding a shade that matches your skin tone. Fair or porcelain-skinned women should go for a light shade—I would suggest a sheer pink or peach shade. If you want to use a highlighter as well, apply it after the blush. For fair skin, choose a champagne shade—don’t go too pink.

Most women will fall into the medium skin tone category. Medium skin tones look best with rosy pinks or deep peach blush shades. If you go too light, you can end up looking washed out, and if you go too dark, your blush won’t look natural anymore. When choosing a highlighter, stick to pale and warm gold tones, and use it sparingly to avoid making your face look frosted.

For people that have darker skin, the best blush colors are a deep orange or rose color. Use a gold highlighter, which will look amazing against your skin. Remember: use it sparingly and over top of your blush for a natural glow.

Tips for Applying Blush

For beginners especially, I suggest using a blush brush with a powder product. Swirl the brush over the powder and then tap the brush to get rid of excess powder—this ensures that you’re not putting too much on your face. Blowing lightly on the brush also helps. Feel for your cheekbone on your face (don’t rely on the trick of smiling to find it—you’ll end up getting the blush lower on your face than it should be.) Start at the middle of your cheekbone and move the brush out toward your temple—go right to the hairline.