How to Remove Skin Tags: Five At-Home Remedies and Treatments

How to Remove Skin Tags: 5 At-Home Remedies and Treatments

What is a skin tag? Skin tags are annoying skin growths that often occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds, and underneath the breast. Medicine Net describes skin tags as “benign skin growths that look like small, soft balloons of hanging skin.” Because they can be unsightly, skin tags removal is a common concern. Skin tag causes include skin rubbing together frequently, which is why they often occur in high-movement areas. Other causes include obesity, pregnancy and hormonal changes, diabetes, HPV, and a sex-steroid imbalance.

They are extremely common, and one in four adults will have to deal with them at some point in their lives. However, middle-aged obese adults are more likely to develop them. Although they are virtually harmless, they can be embarrassing. How to remove skin tags? There are many ways to get rid of skin tags, and most people think that freezing them off like warts is an effective method of skin tag removal. However, freezing off your skin tag is destructive, just like tying it off with a thread or cutting it off. If you want to try a home remedy for skin tags, check out the following solutions.

How to Remove Skin Tags

There are a number of household items that you can use to get rid of skin tags easily and painlessly. Removing skin tags yourself is easy with the following ingredients.

Apple cider vinegar: Remove skin tags yourself by soaking them in apple cider vinegar. This fermented vinegar is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it an ideal choice for getting rid of skin tags without irritating your skin too much.

First, wash the area around your growth and dry it completely. Saturate a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar, and hold it against your skin tag for about 15 minutes. Repeat this process three times a day until the bump darkens, dries up, and falls off. Although this method is highly effective, avoid using it for tags near your eyes, since the vinegar could easily irritate the sensitive area.

Tea tree oil: An extremely popular oil for skin care and other ailments, tea tree oil’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic properties make it a fast and effective treatment for skin tag removal.

Simply soak a Q-tip in the oil and apply it directly to the growth. Using a Q-tip is the best option to ensure you don’t get any oil on the surrounding skin, as tea tree oil can be pretty irritating. If you find that the tea tree oil is too harsh on its own, feel free to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil to dilute it.

Liquid iodine: Use this remedy for rapid results! Iodine breaks down the skin cells and allows them to safely fall off. That being said, be careful to not get this on the skin surrounding your skin tag—you can prevent this from happening by putting coconut oil all around your growth and using a Q-tip to carefully apply the liquid iodine to the affected area.

Garlic: This pungent herb boasts antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Simply crush one clove of garlic and soak up the juice with a cotton ball. Apply it to your skin tag before bed and cover with a bandage. Rinse it off in the morning with warm water. Do this two nights in a row, and then take two nights off to prevent irritating your skin.

Coconut oil: A more nourishing and hydrating approach than the remedies above, this powerful antimicrobial will work wonders when trying to get rid of your skin tag. Simply massage the oil onto your skin tag every night before bed, and wait a few weeks to see the results!



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