Hugh Jackman Logan Makeup: Director James Mangold Reveals Aging Wolverine in Teaser Trailer

Hugh Jackman Logan Makeup Director James Mangold Reveals Aging Wolverine in Teaser Trailer
(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

The official trailer for Logan was released this week, and fans could not be more excited to see Hugh Jackman returning to the big screen as Wolverine, for what is most likely going to be the last time (future cameos notwithstanding). For weeks, director James Mangold has been teasing fans by posting random photos of the cast on social media, and the latest photo of an aged Logan certainly did not disappoint.

Wolverine, sporting a sullen and demure wrinkle-embroidered expression, is one of the most haunting images to come out of the franchise: his gray hair, beaten and leathery looking skin, and the visible scars all over his body and face set the tone for the entire film.

Then there is the actual trailer itself in which bombs are going off, dark and dismal imagery is depicted, and all the while Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” is playing in the background. It seems like the characters are facing what looks like a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world filled with doom and destruction. In this world, it seems like there are hardly any mutants left, with the exception of the aging Wolverine and Professor X—until we are introduced to X-23—the much younger female version of Wolverine.

The Future of the Franchise

It is both an exciting and sad time to be a Wolverine fan. As much as we want to see the film franchise continue on forever, there is also the sinking feeling that the time has come to say goodbye to some of the characters that we’ve gotten to know and love over the years. We have to wave farewell to the film series while it is still in its prime. The Logan official trailer can be symbolized by the old adage “out with the old, in with the new.” In this case, it looks like Wolverine is being replaced by X-23.

This may be Hugh Jackman’s last official Wolverine film, but there is always the possibility that he might give the fans what they want and return to the role of Wolverine a few more times in the future, albeit not to the same extent. After all, there is no doubt that now that the reigns are being passed down to X-23, a new franchise will soon be in the works under the X-Men umbrella.

Hopefully, director James Mangold will be working at the helm of the future franchise films as well. The current and last installment of the Wolverine franchise is entitled Logan and will hit theaters on March 3, 2017. Based on the teasers, the official trailer, the photos of the cast—including the photo of the aged Logan—and all of the hype surrounding the comics on which this film is based, it is no wonder that people are so anxious to see what this movie will be like and more importantly, the direction of the rest of the franchise.


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