Jared Leto Wearing Santa Hat on Instagram: Suicide Squad’s Joker Turns into Hot Santa for Christmas

Jared Leto Wearing Santa Hat on Instagram: Suicide Squad 'Joker' Turns Into Hot Santa for Christmas
(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

We all know that Jared Leto can pull off any look, but with his latest Instagram selfie, he looks positively steamy wearing only a Santa hat. The Suicide Squad actor, who recently played the Joker, has changed his image from the scary looking green-haired villain to a sex-bomb star, and we’re loving it. Leto’s Instagram is full of snaps of the actor in sultry poses, either showing off his toned abs or his stunning blue eyes and long flowing hair. There is no word on Leto’s Christmas celebrations, but we can only hope the star posts some more festive-inspired snaps so we can really get into the Christmas spirit!


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The Christmas photo is a nice change from the Suicide Squad inspired images we have seen of Leto lately. Although the movie was a blockbuster hit, the photos of Leto dressed in character as the Joker had him looking like a tragic and completely psychotic clown. The Suicide Squad star appeared in photos looking ominously at the camera, with green slicked-back hair and dressed in a black and white tuxedo. They made for very creepy photos.

Jared Leto and Terry Richardson Unite for Christmas Photo Shoot 

This isn’t the first time that Leto has got in the holiday spirit. In 2014, the actor teamed up with celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, showing his Santa style in a fluffy red hat. The two friends worked together on the Christmas celebration shoot which had Leto in some pretty crazy Christmas poses. The controversial photographer took many snaps of the actor in different poses, all while holding various props, including a human skull. We tend to prefer this year’s Christmas photo much better!

The 44-year-old actor rose to fame when he stared as Jordan Catalano opposite Claire Danes in the hit television show, My So Called Life. From there, he went on to form the award-winning rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, which is still producing albums and occasionally touring.  His acting career also took off, landing him roles in numerous movies such as Dallas Buyers Club and Panic Room. This double-threat is clearly talented, and he keeps his fans interested with his varied roles in cinema. We can’t help but notice that the Santa hat photo also keeps his 8.7 million followers on Instagram interested as well!



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