Jasmine Tookes’ Makeup Prep for VS Fashion Show 2016: Fantasy Bra Model Stuns in New Hair Color

Jasmine Tookes' Makeup Prep for VS Fashion Show 2016: Fantasy Bra Model Stuns in New Hair Color
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff

American model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Jasmine Tookes, has been busy. The Fantasy Bra model became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015 and is appearing at the VS Fashion Show 2016 in December in Paris. This is a special event, as Tookes will be donning a Fantasy Bra valued at $3.0 million. A legacy of the event, fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge, wore an almost equally valued bra last year. A self-admitted social media junkie, she has taken to Instagram to highlight her various makeup prep sessions and hair color treatments leading up to VS Fashion Show. As usual, she has a lot of desirable fashion attributes that people can now have insight on.

The Top Down

Two things immediately attract people’s eyes when they see Jasmine Tookes: her hair and skin. Both radiate off the screen, photo or page. When it comes to her hair and skin, Tookes says it’s all about moisturizing. She stands behind the Moroccanoil line of hair products for her hairstyle. It’s an extensive line with shampoo, conditioners, hair treatments, and collections for specific hair types.

Tookes’ clear and smooth glow skin reflects the care she and her team puts into skincare. It’s intense: she does daily washes with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, then adds tablet supplemented Vitamin E directly to her face and finally applies an ice cube to her face before sleep to keep her pores tight.

Makeup wise, Tookes stands behind Tom Ford’s mascara and Bobbi Brown’s foundations. For fragrances, she favors Victoria’s Secret Scandalous for its raspberry liqueur and black peony scents. Some have speculated that like other Victoria’s Secret Angels, Tookes gets her skincare done by makeup artist, Hung Vanngo. Vanngo is known for his rigorous beauty techniques. Using exfoliating scrubs by St. Ives or Lancer first, Vanngo applies eye masks such as Skyn Iceland Eye Gels or SK-II Facial Treatment Masks for extra hydrating qualities. Upon removing the mask, lightweight moisturizers are applied such as iS Clinical Reparative Moisture, followed by using some eye cream like Kiehl’s Avacado Eye Cream plus some lip balm to ensure against lip dryness.

More than anything though, Tookes has stated in interviews that simple things like a healthy diet and regular exercise can be a great asset for maintain healthy skin throughout one’s life. 

The Big Day

Along with her skin and hair inspirations, many pundits are writing about Tookes are keen to see her in the aforementioned $3.0 million bra at the VS Fashion Show. The bra is designed by Eddie Brago and contains both gold and diamonds. Tookes has expressed her own excitement for the December show and being chosen to wear Brago’s creation.



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