Jeffree Star Cosmetics Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 Sale Begins, 2-year Anniversary Special Now Available!

Jeffree Star
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Jeffrey Star Cosmetics took to Instagram to announce its Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 sale, and makeup fans and gurus are exited about the anniversary special. The announcement marks the brand’s two-year anniversary, and fashionistas are treated to its biggest sale and special discounts right before the holidays! What products are being sold to fans at a discount? Here’s what you need to know.

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Jeffrey Star recently teased his Holiday 2016 Collection, and the products include many velour liquid lipsticks such as “I’m Nude,” “Mannequin,” “Celebrity Skin,” “Posh Spice,” “Rose Matter,” “Gemini,” “Androgyny,” “Leo,” “Scorpio,” “Dominatrix,” “Unicorn Blood,” “Dirty Money,” “Breakfast At Tiffany’s,” “Jawbreaker,” “Blue Velvet,” “Blow Pony,” “I’m Royalty,” “Queen Supreme,” “Doll Parts,” “Prom Night,” “Flamethrower,” and many more.

Plus, they’re on sale for only $15! Makeup artists and YouTubers are loving the endless variety of colors to choose from. The collection even has Lip Ammunition for $10.44 each, which involves a collection of glossy and luminous lipsticks. “Beauty Pageant,” is the pink metallic liquid lip and it’s already sold out! The color will remind you of Barbie with its cool, girly tone, and silver shimmer details.

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Skin Frost Highlighter Shades

The brand’s Holiday 2016 Collection also includes a plethora of highlighter shades that will compliment your natural skin color, or make you look like a sparkly unicorn! The colors include, “Ice Cold,” “Peach Goddess,” “Lavender Snow,” “Dark Horse,” “Mint Condition,” “King Tut,” “Onyx Ice,” and “Deep Freeze,” among many others. For Black Friday, the highlighters are going for only $23 each.

Perfect Lip Look Application

Instead of waiting at the door for your fresh order of favorite new lipsticks and highlighters to arrive, you can prep your lips for the bright colors you’ll soon be wearing. Glamour is giving great tips on how to make your lips look silky smooth and soft so your lipstick application goes on perfectly. Here are the tips!

Step 1: Don’t use too much. Anastasia Beverly Hills president Claudia Soare said, “Clean off the wand on the inside of the tube before you put it on. It’ll give you more control over the application.”

Step 2: Be sure to exfoliate your lips using either a homemade scrub (there are endless YouTube tutorials available of how to make one), or purchase one like the Frank Lip Scrub for $14.95.

Step 3: Take your time, “Makeup artists on Instagram are taking their time, so you can’t just do this in the car.”

Step 4: Only use lipstick if you’re going for a full-face of makeup. “If you’re not wearing a full face of makeup, it’s going to look weird.” At the very least, using foundation and a blush to match your lipstick will balance the look.

Step 5: Finally, be sure to use chapstick regularly. Even if you wear lipstick, chapstick can smooth your lips and help the lipstick go on smoother.

Check out the video below for a great tutorial!


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