Jeffree Star Cosmetics Releases Lipstick Collection for New Year: New Metallic Velour Liquid Lipstick Shades

Jeffree Star's Regina George is Skin Frost Line's Latest Addition, “Mean Girls” Fans Get Ready for HOT PINK
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Start off the New Year with a fresh look from Jeffree Star cosmetics, which you can get from the brand’s newly released, long awaited lipstick colors.

The two new shades from the Metallic Velour Liquid Lipstick collection were just released in time for your New Years makeup looks. Titled Pussy Whipped and No Tea, No Shade, the highly anticipated colors were kept a secret until they were released just a few days ago.

Pussy Whipped offers a golden metallic hue with subtle orange undertones, while No Tea, No Shade is a brown/purple metallic hybrid. The liquid lipstick goes on opaque, dries quickly into a matte finish, and stays on for hours. The lipstick collection offers a range of metallic colors, perfect for New Years celebrations.

OUR 2 NEW #METALLIC Liquid Lip's are a match made in heaven ?? #jeffreestarcosmetics Pic: @taylorhartmann #noteanoshade #pussywhipped

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Makeup artist Jeffree Star gained a cult-like following after sharing his love of makeup online and making his channel into the biggest YouTube beauty channel ever. The star launched a cosmetics company, offering products that “do exactly what they say and that actually last.” The line offers products from beautiful nude lipsticks to metallic liquid lipsticks, proving that the makeup artist offers a range of makeup to suit any style.

METALLIC BABY ?✨ Makeup artist @kimjluv used our new #velourliquidlipstick shade "No Tea, No Shade" ? #jeffreestarcosmetics

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Harnessing his knowledge from over ten years of experience working on celebrities, music videos, and fashion editorials, his makeup formulas are long lasting and offer flawless performance.

Jeffree Stars Controversial Names

Known for his often racy names, these newest releases from Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick collection have caused quite a stir on the internet. According to Star, the mysterious darker color—No Tea, No Shade—was named after all of his friends who have appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The golden kiss… ?✨ Our new metallic #velourliquidlipstick shade #Pussywhipped Pic by: @analizmontalvan

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But the lighter shade, Pussy Whipped, is the one making headlines and calling for fans of the brand to boycott the cosmetics company. Even though Jeffree Star cosmetics is known for its tongue-in-cheek names, fans are complaining that the makeup artist took this one too far.

Jeffree Star cosmetics is no stranger to controversy revolving around his products. Kat Von D recently called out Star for promoting drug use with lip colors like Drug Lord and Blow Pony. While his entire cosmetic company is known for being “beauty with a side of shock value,” some fans are claiming that he has gone too far.

Comments on Star’s Instagram from disgruntled fans about the lipstick collection set read, “he can name his products what he wants, but if he wants to be taken seriously he should have given more thought into what would be more politically correct. I for one will not be purchasing these products.” Another fan said, “jeffree this is shameful you make money of your female fans and you don’t respect us #boycottjeffreestar” The comments seem to be taken down from the Instagram account as fast as fans can post them. The old saying that ‘any publicity is good publicity’ seems true in this situation, as sales don’t seem to have dropped despite fans calling for the cosmetics company to change the name of its newest lipstick. You can get your controversial Velour Liquid Lipstick on Jeffree Star cosmetics’ online boutique.


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