Jeffree Star Cosmetics to Launch New Metallic Velour Liquid Lipsticks for the Christmas Season

Jeffree Star Cosmetics to Launch New Metallic Velour Liquid Lipsticks for the Christmas Season
(Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images For Sephora)

Just in time for the Christmas season, Jeffree Star Cosmetics is launching two new metallic velour liquid lipsticks! The new shades will be released December 26th, and fans of the brand are sure to be running to their computer to order these new liquid lipsticks online. Titled Pussy Whipped and No Tea, No Shade, the highly awaited colors are still a secret as fans wait to see what the shades will actually look like. The Jeffree Star cosmetics line already offers metallic lip shades, but these two new colors still have fans excited to see what he’s come up with now.

Jeffree Star created his line of makeup out of an obsession with beauty products. Gaining more attention lately with his bold colors and provocative names, Star is quoted on his web site as saying, “My goal is to create products that do exactly what they say and that actually last!”

2 NEW METALLIC #VelourLiquidLipstick's are launching on 12/26/16 ?✨ Shade reveals coming this week….. #noteanoshade #pussywhipped

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics gained a cult-like following after he took his love of makeup online and made it into the biggest YouTube beauty site ever.  Makeup obsessive at the age of 13, Jeffree’s appeal to beauty shines through in his bold cosmetics line. Harnessing his knowledge from over ten years of experience working on celebrities, music videos, and fashion editorials, his makeup formulas are long lasting and offer flawless performance. As a child, Star began regularly experimenting with his mother’s makeup and convinced her to let him wear it to school in junior high. Moving to Los Angeles after graduating high school, Star supported himself with various makeup, modeling, and music gigs. During weekends, Jeffree Star would dress in mini skirts and high heels, appearing at bars and clubs, where celebrities would approach him to do their makeup in their homes.

Jeffree Star is Making Concealer and Foundation for a Flawless Face

On the heels of his huge success with his lipsticks, highlighters, and eyeshadow pallets, Jeffree Star took to Twitter last week to announce that he is currently working on a formula for concealer and foundation. While still only in development, Star assures his fans that the makeup line will “only be the most luxurious.” Fans took to social media to express their excitement for the Jeffree Star cosmetics line expansion. But that wasn’t the only news the star tweeted, as it only got better for fans of the makeup line. Star’s long-rumored Androgyny eye shadow palette is set to be launched in March. This highly anticipated makeup palette is thought to offer a more muted, nude color scheme. With all these new launches, the Jeffree Star cosmetic line doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and it seems that 2017 will see the indie brand grow with many more products.

Despite not being able to see the color swatches for the new lip shades, the Jeffree Star cosmetics metallic lipsticks are getting a lot of hype. With an amazing range of products, racy names, and a huge following, you can bet these new metallic shades are going to go fast!



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