Jeffree Star Cosmetics to Launch Two New Metallic Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Time for Christmas

Jeffree Star Holiday Cosmetics Collection: Velour Liquid, Metallic Liquid Lipstick & Skin Frost Shades
Credit: John Sciulli / Stringer/ Getty

Jeffree Star is known for his amazing liquid lipstick formula, so you can understand our excitement at the release of his holiday collection! His Velour liquid lipsticks, metallic liquid lipsticks, lip scrubs, and Skin Frost highlighters have caused a flurry on social media since their initial release. Fortunately for fans of the makeup brand, Star restocked all shades of his Skin Frost shades ahead of the holidays—just in time to snag one for the beauty lover in your life! The Jeffree Star holiday cosmetics collection is everything you need to create the Christmas makeup look of your dreams. From festive greens to the richest of reds, Star’s holiday collection has got it all.

Releasing his biggest holiday collection yet, Jeffree Star released a total of eight lip colors and two highlighters, all in limited edition packaging. He’s also made an upgrade to all of his liquid lipstick packaging—Revelist said that “when you twist the cap to close it, it now clicks, so now you know it’s REALLY closed.” At $18.00 a lipstick, the last thing you want is for it to dry out before you’ve had the chance to use every last drop! He recently shared a YouTube video of he and fellow YouTuber Nikita Dragun sharing lip swatches of all of his holiday Velour liquid lipstick shades, as well as his new Skin Frosts. Here’s a complete list of all the products included in Jeffree’s holiday makeup line:

Velour Liquid Lipsticks:

  • Crocodile Tears (deep ivy green)
  • Deceased (mauve-nude)
  • Pumpkin Pie (shimmery-dusty orange)
  • Designer Blood (rich scarlet with a gold shift)
  • Chrysanthemum (soft pink-nude with fine glitter)
  • Checkmate (neon-orange red)
  • Sagittarius (medium dusty-mauve)
  • Dreamhouse (metallic pink)

Skin Frosts:

  • Regina George (bright pink)
  • Princess Cut (baby pink)

You can watch the full video of the YouTube stars swatching each product, including the coveted “Dreamhouse” shade, in the video below:


 Jeffree Star to Release Foundation and Concealer

Jeffree Star’s followers lose their minds over his current makeup line, so you can only imagine the meltdown they had when he announced that he’s working on releasing his own foundation and concealer. Star took to Twitter this weekend to share the news with his loyal followers. “And for everyone asking…… YES….  I’m developing and working on my own #jeffreestarcosmetics concealer and foundation!”

However, he made sure to let his followers know that he was still in the early stages of production.

After seeing the reactions from fans, Jeffree Star went on to drop a couple more teasers. He tweeted that his Androgyny eyeshadow palette will make its debut early in the new year. Set to be released in March, this palette is expected to have a more neutral range of colors than his Beauty Killer palette, which was released earlier this year. He also let fans know that they should expect two new Velour liquid lipstick shades just after Christmas. With all of the new and upcoming releases from Jeffree Star’s makeup brand, it’s hard to keep up!



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