Jeffree Star’s Full Face Glitter Challenge Impresses Fans and Fellow Beauty Gurus

Jeffree Star's Full Face Glitter Challenge Impresses Fans and Fellow Beauty Gurus

This year has been full of insane beauty trends and challenges on social media, and we don’t think they’ve come to an end in 2017. Beauty guru Jeffree Star was one of the latest participants in the wild full-face glitter challenge. Created by a fellow beauty enthusiast, YouTubers have been posting their own videos of this intense makeup trend. Definitely not an everyday look, Jeffree Star tried his best to pull it off.

Star is best known for his controversial style and wildly successful makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. His liquid lipstick formula is lusted after by makeup lovers, and his Skin Frost highlighters compete with this all-glitter look. Jeffree Star’s YouTube videos can get pretty crazy and this challenge was no exception. He posted a picture of his finished look on Instagram, captioning his photo: “I couldn’t leave 2016 without doing one more ‘FULL FACE USING ONLY….’ Challenge! ??? here is what happens when you use only glitters to do your makeup… ✨?? –> CLICK the link in my bio to watch!! ? glitter palette by: @glitterinjections.”

Jeffree Star’s Full Face Glitter Challenge

Jeffree Star’s makeup look for this challenge begins with a perfectly primed face, using Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Using the best of the best, Star is armed with two palettes full of Glitter Injections pressed glitter pigments. The colors he used include the shades Margarita, Pina Colada, Minty Mocha, Sugar Cube, Tequila Sunset, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Cherry Pie.

Starting with a silvery white glitter applied as a foundation, he then takes a lighter pressed glitter and applies it as a concealer underneath his eyes, on the bridge of his nose, and on his chin. Moving on to bronzing and contouring, Star uses a brown toned glitter to carve out his cheekbones and contour his nose. Then, he takes a chunkier glitter to ‘highlight…’ as if that could work on a face full of glitter. Dipping into his Glitter Injections palette once again, Jeffree Star goes for a red-orange glitter in his crease, and silver on his eyelid. Breaking out a YSL Vinyl Colure Mascara, he finishes his eye look. Pulling his entire look together with a red glitter lip, Star completes this challenge!

Check out the full video below:

Star isn’t the only major beauty blogger that’s taken part of this challenge. A fan favorite, Nikkietutorials, also posted a video not too long ago of her dousing her face in glitter. The queen of highlight, we can tell that she loved every second of this challenge! Check out her take on the full-face glitter challenge: