Jeffree Star’s Regina George is Skin Frost Line’s Latest Addition, “Mean Girls” Fans Get Ready for HOT PINK

Jeffree Star's Regina George is Skin Frost Line's Latest Addition, “Mean Girls” Fans Get Ready for HOT PINK
(Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images For Sephora)

Jeffree Star’s Regina George is the Skin Frost line’s latest addition. Mean Girls fans will soon be able to get their hands on the highlighter as part of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The Skin Frost highlighter is HOT PINK and will be available on Black Friday.

The pink color of Star’s new highlighter is quite different from other highlighters currently on the market. Common highlighters are often in a bronze or gold color, and are used to achieve a glowing look—as if you just moisturized. When choosing this type of makeup, it’s important to consider your skin tone.

The skin color that works best with a pink color are those with a pale or yellowish skin tone. But if you’re Jeffree Star, you’ll probably find a way to use a hot pink highlighter for everyday occasions.

Star is known to be over the top, so it’s no surprise that he would come out with such a bold highlighter. Star’s line of cosmetic has grown to be one of the most popular, with his Velour Liquid Lipsticks being his number one top-selling product.

For the Regina George HOT PINK highlighter, Star took inspiration from the film Mean Girls, which is a cult classic. But don’t worry, this pink color can be worn on all days, not just Wednesdays. But in Means Girls fashion, Star released the news of the HOT PINK highlighter on a Wednesday! Talk about good marketing.

Its bold color makes this pink highlighter quite different from other options currently on the market, which should also help push sales. If you’re looking to get your hands on this Mean Girls inspired product, you’ll want to act fast. According to Star, HOT PINK will be limited edition, and with so many Mean Girls fans out there it could sell out pretty quickly.

How to Apply Highlighter

Whether you purchase Regina George or already have your own highlighter, you’ll probably want to know how to apply it. For best results, you’ll want to target the cheekbones, temples, the eyes, and the cupid’s bow.

A foundation brush can be used to apply highlighter, and you’ll want to start at the highest part of the cheekbones and work your way up to the temples. For the eyes, blend the highlighter beneath the eyebrow and into the crease, and some more on the inner eye.

For the lips, blend some highlighter below your bottom lip and on that double curve of the upper lip. Follow up with your lipstick.

Now that you’ve targeted the correct spots for your highlighter, you will find you look fresh, glowing, and radiant.

So, for this Black Friday, will you be getting Jeffree Star’s HOT PINK highlighter? You better act fast, as fans are already bombarding his social media accounts with praise.



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