Jennifer Aniston Hair: “Friends” Star’s Latest Hairstyle, Favorite Hair Products, Style Evolution

Jennifer Aniston Hair: "Friends" Star's Latest Hairstyle, Favorite Hair Products, Style Evolution
(Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images for Giffoni Film Festival)

Ever since she burst on to the entertainment scene in 1990’s, Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, has be making headlines ever since. She’s proven herself to be a great comedienne, and has made the transition from television to film with hits like Bruce Almighty, The Good Girl, and Horrible Bosses. Aside from her talent, over time, many have noted Jennifer Aniston’s hair. She’s sported a number of hairstyles and many fashion followers have noted her hair’s evolution, her favorite hair products, and how Aniston works to get the hairstyles that are imitated by so many.

Through the Years

Compared with many film and television actresses, Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles and hair evolution has been unique, and even those that have no interest in style or fashion have taken notice. As a young actress working in B-movies and guest TV appearances, Jennifer Aniston’s hair was wavy and long. Over time, it appeared shorter with many crafted layers. This came to its apex when she was cast as Rachel Green on Friends. From the minute the series took off, Aniston’s hairstyle—dubbed “The Rachel Green hair” or simply “The Rachel”—appeared in numerous fashion magazines globally.
From there, there was more Jennifer Aniston short hair. By the time her film career took off just after the Millennium, she had long, wavy hair in several roles, often put her hair into updos, and adopted new hair colors, too. Many websites have tracked Jennifer Aniston’s hair evolution, and watching it frame-by-frame is a true exercise in hairstyle creativity.

Trade Secrets

With so many styles, the obvious question is: how does Jennifer Aniston do so many hairstyles? Well, there are some Jennifer Aniston hair trade secrets worth knowing:

  • Living Proof’s Timeless Treatment shampoo. According to her, it’s a hair color protector which prevents Jennifer Aniston’s hair color from fading
  • Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day [Ph.D.] Night Cap Protector, an overnight hair cream that ensures hair stays shiny and manageable from sunset to sunrise.
  • Using warm, not hot water, as its gentler on hair and won’t damage hair after a wash.

It’s pretty obvious from the above that Jennifer Aniston’s hair color formula is very much a Living Proof-assisted activity and that she owns a stake in the company. And for Aniston, it is a formula she swears by and uses Living Proof’s product line to keep her hair shiny and color rich for days, with or without washings.



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