Jessica Alba Hair Transformation through the Years, Shares Honest Beauty’s Hair Care and Products

Jessica Alba Hair Transformation through the Years, Shares Honest Beauty's Hair Care and Products
Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty

Not many stars have had as varied—but successful—a career as Jessica Alba. Model, actress and now entrepreneur, Jessica Alba has enjoyed success on so many levels; it’s easy to understand how she’s become an influence to so many of her peers and fans. With her gradual professional success, Jessica Alba’s honest beauty evolves and influences in equal measures. This is especially true with Jessica Alba’s hair transformation. As much as people want to know her entrepreneurial secrets, they yearn to learn about Jessica Alba’s hair care and products… especially now that she has her own.

Signature Glow

With Jessica Alba’s hair, it all comes down to one thing: the glow. Her hair is radiating in practically every appearance she makes, be it on screen or on the red carpet. Now the important thing is that Jessica Alba’s hair is created with her own signature Jessica Alba hair products. What’s even more interesting is how the Honest Company’s line of hair care products, on behalf of Jessica Alba, came about: they were born out of Alba’s resulting allergic reaction to a hair care product that forced her into the emergency room. She realized she wanted to create good lather shampoo with plant-based amino acids. Putting her entrepreneurial skills to work over 18 months with the Honest Company, Alba developed her own hair care formula, which she eventually unveiled in her own line of Honest Company hair products, including Beyond Hydrated, Sea Salt Spray and Truly Restored—products that can give glow and body to hair.

Along with the glow, Jessica Alba’s various hair colors are also impressive. Alba’s honey-blonde touches are often imitated, and her colorist Robert Ramos provided the secret: he hand paints highlights to her hair’s ends, noting to not use too much color in the process so that the final result has a more natural look. When washing, Alba ensures she washes the roots specifically for proper care.

The Long and Short

Along with her hair color and appearance, fashion fans also follow Jessica Alba’s various hair lengths and style techniques closely. Over the years, she’s had so many different hair lengths and associated styles: long straight cuts, short hair, loose braids, long wavy cuts, hair knots, ponytail looks, and even a medium wavy cut look. Recently, Alba revealed that she has learned



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